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Waterlogic Group Coronavirus (COVID-19) response plan


Official Response for VIC Stage 4 restrictions, commencing 6th August.

The Waterlogic Group; encompassing Waterlogic, Billi and Purezza; takes great pride in prioritising our duty of care to our staff and all our customers. We have continued to monitor the Coronavirus COVID-19 situation across all states in Australia, and consistently maintain and abide by the recommendations issued by the Federal Government and State Health Departments.

Further to the announcement by the Victorian State Government specifying Stage 4 Restrictions, we feel it is vital to communicate the additional measures that the Waterlogic Group is taking to ensure the safety of our employees, and customers.

1. The Thomastown manufacturing site fulfills the requirements of a business remaining open for on-site work, with a COVID Safe Plan as outlined by the Victorian State Government Department of Health and Human Services. Visit DHHS website or Open Summary document

2. Our, ‘Working from Home,’ plan continues for all Operational staff not required for on-site work duties.

3. All employees in the Waterlogic Group have completed the Australian Government Department of Health COVID-19 Infection Control Training module via e-learning, or group presentation.

4. Field Service technicians will continue to attend to customer needs in the Melbourne Stage 4 area, but only to permitted industries and/or those sites deemed as requiring urgent and essential maintenance.

5. All staff will continue to follow Covidsafe procedures including:

a. Use of PPE: disposable latex gloves, P2 masks and sanitising gels and/or sprays.

b. Compliance with social distancing requirements at all times.

c. Requiring confirmation of zero positive diagnoses on site, or no person self-isolating at residential premises (where critical repairs are required) before entry.

d. Compliance to any customer health screening or registration requirements onsite.

6. Contactless drop off and pick up arrangements have been implemented and will be strictly adhered to. Limits have been applied to external visitors entering Waterlogic premises; only essential Waterlogic group staff and approved (see item 8 below) freight providers. If admitted to site, all employees and visitors must be signed in, temperature and health screened, and comply with strict PPE and social distancing requirements.

7. Stock items to be delivered will be treated with disinfectant spray prior to packing, and again prior to collection as well as on receipt at Waterlogic Group warehouse locations. All shipments ex-Victoria will only be delivered to Waterlogic Group warehouses. Further supply will occur from those state-based locations.

8. Freight providers will be limited to approved suppliers, and only those registered and explicitly following an approved, documented Covidsafe plan.

These recommendations are rigorously monitored, and all policies are subject to change with the potential for any new developments on a national level.

We are working closely with our suppliers to minimise impacts to our supply chain and ensure they are following containment protocols. There are currently no known product delays of significance, and our customers should rest assured that should a specific product model not be available, a suitable replacement will be provided until we can source the original product wherever possible.

Since 28 January 2020, employees have been supported with regular communications regarding the ongoing Pandemic. These include, but are not limited to, guidance on best-practice health and hygiene procedures as well as information from the World Health Organisation, Australian Government and Department of Health across all states. We have also continued to champion inclusion and shine a light on the ongoing mental health of all our people during this challenging time.

We are grateful to our team members, and to our suppliers, who work tirelessly to do the best job possible under the circumstances. We thank our customers for patience, understanding and their responsible actions to keep all of us safe.


Michael Timbs, General Manager – Logistics, WHS and ESG

Please read our COVID-19 FAQs for further information.