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    The best water dispensers for your business

    Suitable for businesses and budgets of all sizes, Waterlogic hot and cold plumbed-in dispensers are designed to provide you with chilled, room temperature, hot and boiling water at the touch of a button. Combine the functions into one dispenser to save time, space and money, without compromising on quality.

    Our range of products

    With an extensive range that you can buy or rent, you'll find the right water solution that matches your business needs.

    Water solutions

    The most advanced water dispensers

    Only Waterlogic can provide a diverse and technically advanced product range. With build in Firewall® technology, you’ll be providing your employees, customers and business partners with an unlimited supply of purified and fresh water.

    Our range includes benchtop water coolers and free-standing versions, with various capacities and functions to perfectly fit your business requirements.

    We also supply wall mounted boilers, bubblers and under-bench systems.

    Why businesses choose Waterlogic plumbed-in dispensers

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    Watermark™ Certified

    Our filtered water systems are Watermark™ certified, including sparkling water systems. It is illegal for any supplier to sell a plumbed-in water cooler that is not certified. Regulated by independent authorities, the Watermark™ guarantees a product must comply with the standards set within the Plumbing Code of Australia. These standards relate to the quality, health, safety measures and superior level of warranty.

    firewall technology

    Advanced Technology

    Our dispensers feature innovative technologies. First, water passes through a carbon filter, eliminating unwanted smells and any additives from the water such as pesticides, while leaving naturally occurring minerals. Next, our unique Firewall® technology uses UV light to kill bacteria growing in the water. Lastly, BioCote is coated on the outside surfaces of our water coolers, providing anti-bacterial protection.

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    Cost Efficient

    Waterlogic products connect to your current water supply, transforming it into the cleanest, purest drinking water available. By using a source of water your business is already paying for, you can avoid unnecessary costs. With options to buy or rent, you can enjoy clean, great tasting water on any budget, without being caught out by any hidden costs.

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    Environmentally Friendly

    We dedicate our efforts to developing advanced purification technologies that are environmentally friendly. With a mains fed machine, you can reduce your business’ plastic waste, environmental pollution and carbon emissions. You are benefiting the environment by increasing your social awareness and decreasing your carbon footprint.

    Point of use water dispensers for your sector

    Our experience in supplying point of use dispensers to organisations from a variety of industries has taught us requirements vary based on the needs of each sector. Visit your sector page below to see our recommendations.