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Please note that with several outbreaks of COVID-19 nationwide we are no longer accepting showroom sales in person at any of our sites. All consumables orders must be placed through webforms or by calling 1300 88 88 14

Waterlogic Manufacturing Facilities
Innovation at the heart of everything we do

As the only vertically integrated player in the industry we have pioneered and continue to pioneer the application of advanced technology in the design of our water dispensers. This is a big part of who we are and how we deliver the best quality water in the most sustainable way. All our factories UL, NSF and ISO 14000 certified

Our manufacturing facilities at a glance

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North and South America

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60 Countries

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Manufacturing Facility NEW DRAFT 3


Manufacturing Facility NEW DRAFT 3


Manufacturing Facility NEW DRAFT 3

Design Rights​

Inside One of Our Manufacturing Plants

We operate three fully automated production lines, highly advanced computer-controlled refrigeration and a sophisticated testing chamber to make sure that every one of the 400 dispensers we produce daily provides the same outstanding water quality, hygiene and functionality you expect from Waterlogic.

Bringing Jobs Back to America

We're proud to be assembled in the USA. Supporting our customers and dealers in the U.S. and Canada, our newest facility in Dallas delivers the same unmatched product quality with a focus on locally-tailored R&D, technical service and product refurbishment, emphasising Waterlogic’s ‘strong commitment to the region and the country.

Waterlogic US factory

Welcoming Billi to the Waterlogic family

In 2018, we welcomed Billi premium integrated dispensers to the Waterlogic family. With the Billi acquisition came our manufacturing facility located in Melbourne, Australia with an annual capacity of almost 16,000 dispensers and an in-house R&D team dedicated to eco-friendly innovation.

Billi factory

Our dedication is decades in the making

If you’re interested in hydration solutions for your workplace or venue, we challenge you to find any other provider that can deliver the following:


Firewall® UV Purification

Our patented Firewall UVC technology safely purifies water up to 99.9999% bacteria-free and is guaranteed effective against the human strain of COVID-19.


100% Owned R&D

100% owned R&D and manufacturing facilities delivering the highest product quality and performance, the strictest hygiene protocols and the most technologically-advanced products.


Independently Verified

Independently tested and highly certified products guaranteeing outstanding standards of safety and functionality for your peace of mind.

Interested in finding our more?

Award-winning manufacturing

Our dedication to quality and innovation is why we have won the prestigious Foreign Direct Investment Award many times and why we continue to provide only the best products to our customers around the globe. This has helped us become the most certified water dispenser provider globally with over eight internationally-recognised certifications for our products. We haven't stopped there, our management processes have also achieved ISO 9001 certification which proves that Waterlogic deliver Quality Management Systems (QMS), guaranteeing customer satisfaction, manufacturing consistency and low risk.

Waterlogic awards logos

Committed to an ethical supply chain as signatories to the modern slavery act

Waterlogic is committed to ensure that no slavery or human trafficking occurs within the Waterlogic Group or our supply chain across the globe. Learn more about the actions we're taking as a business to deliver a product we can be proud of.

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