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    Hot and cold water dispensers

    Our extensive range of water solutions cater to all business needs, no matter your budget. You can find your next office water system below, or contact us to get in touch with one of our water experts.

    Hot and cold water dispenser

    Connect a water dispenser to your existing water supply

    Our range of hot and cold water dispensers are designed to provide you with a variety of water options including chilled, room temperature, hot and boiling water, no matter your budget. With entry-level and high-capacity models available, you can select a system to fit your exact needs.

    • Available in free-standing, bench-top and under bench
    • Entry-level and high-capacity systems
    • Chilled, room temperature, hot and boiling temperature options
    • Modern designs and technologies 

    Energy Efficient

    Hot and cold water dispensers from Waterlogic feature innovative technologies designed to conserve, reclaim and re-use energy. Featuring a unique style of insulation, our under bench hot and cold water dispensers from the Billi series allow a large amount of heat to be absorbed, stored and reused, making them highly energy efficient. Energy star certified and environmentally friendly, Waterlogic hot and cold water dispensers are ideal for eco-conscious businesses with diverse water demands.

    Multiple Functions

    Waterlogic multi-temperature water dispensers can satisfy all water needs with just one system. Designed to require little user involvement, you can quench your thirst with a chilled drink or enjoy a hot soup or coffee at any time with minimal effort. Featuring cold, room temperature, hot, and boiling functions, you can select the hot and cold water dispenser with the right settings to suit your office. With easily programmable settings and modern touch icons, our hot and cold water dispensers are a practical water solution that is safe and simple to use.

    Sleek Design

    Unlike regular bulky or unattractive water boilers and bottled water coolers, Waterlogic water dispensers are designed to be an aesthetically pleasing addition to any workplace. With stylish designs, polished finishes and modern features, our hot and cold water dispensers are as visually appealing as they are practical. Not all offices have large or even separate kitchens or kitchenettes, with a Waterlogic combined system, you are not only getting twice the value but also saving twice the valuable space.

    Our wide range of hot and cold water dispensers

    Image of product Waterlogic 3 Firewall®


    • Benchtop and Freestanding
    • High-Quality Sparkling Water
    • Firewall® Purified Water

    Image of product Waterlogic 100


    • Entry-level filtered cooler
    • Freestanding
    • Ambient and cold water
    • BioCote® antimicrobial protection

    Image of product Billi Eco and Quadra Boiling & Chilled


    • Various capacities to suit all office environments
    • Entry-level and high-capacity units available
    • Water cooled systems on Quadra units
    • Available with a range of stylish dispensers

    Image of product Billi Sahara Boiling & Still


    • Boiling and ambient water
    • Up to 250 cups / hour capacity
    • Water cooled systems - no ventilation required
    • Available with a range of stylish dispensers

    Discover more about Waterlogic hot and cold water dispensers

    Why a hot and cold water dispenser is right for your workplace

    Hot and cold water dispensers from Waterlogic are available from our range of water coolers and water dispensers and our series of under bench water filter systems. This gives you even more versatility when it comes to selecting the right model for you and your office. Our under bench, free-standing and bench-top water solutions are designed to fit into the space that you have available, without being a dominating or cumbersome imposition. With Waterlogic, the choices are yours.

    Part of what makes Waterlogic’s water dispensers the most advanced water systems available is the exclusive purification technologies we employ in our ‘three steps to greatness’. By using a combination of carbon filters, Firewall UV lights and a silver BioCote infusion, our hot and cold water dispensers purify the water of 99.9999% of germs and bacteria 100% of the time. By also using our patented Firewall UV technology at the point of dispersion, we make sure that from source to cup, your drinking water is clean, hygienic and spring fresh, guaranteed.

    Waterlogic offers you the options of buying or leasing our water dispensers, allowing you to provide your employees and customers high-quality drinking water on any budget. With fixed monthly plans and no pay-per-usage charges, you will never be caught out by hidden costs or inflated invoices. Our trained technicians also take care of the installation and maintenance of your water dispenser, leaving you with nothing to do but enjoy the great taste of Waterlogic.