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Water coolers for businesses across Australia

Join thousands of Australians who drink Waterlogic pure water every day at work or at home.

Water coolers for businesses across Australia

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Waterlogic promise a swift delivery to your place of business no matter where you are located across the country. Guaranteeing excellent service and support to ensure your water dispenser continues to deliver the best tasting water to your workplace each and every day.

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Your local provider of water dispensers

Find the best water dispenser for your business from a wide range of cold, hot, extra hot, and sparkling water systems. All certified Waterlogic dispensers come with the benefit of hassle-free installation and fully comprehensive service and maintenance plans included in each rental plan. With a variety of countertop freestanding and under-sink models, our fully certified coolers provide an endless amount of great tasting and pure water with every drop.


Wide product range

Waterlogic offers cold, hot, and sparkling water options. You can also choose between freestanding, table-top or tap systems to guarantee you select the right product for your business needs.


Expert advice

Our specialists can advise you on the perfect water dispenser for your business. We take your individual requirements, employee numbers and budget into account, to find you the perfect fit.


Simple installation

Our certified engineers connect our machines to your existing water mains. This is a clean, easy and completely hassle-free process ensuring there are no disruptions for your business.


Full servicing

Experienced technicians take care of your machine if there are any issues, making sure your water dispenser system is running perfectly. With scheduled visits, there is no disruption to your working day.

Why businesses in Australia choose Waterlogic

With Waterlogic you'll expect a high quality service with a hassle-free installation from one of our experts. We also provide our personalised aftercare and service package to ensure your hot and cold dispenser, ice dispenser or sparkling water cooler is consistently delivering at its best.

Our locally trained technicians visit your business to assess which water solution is best suited to your needs. They'll help you decide the ideal location for your new dispenser with ample water supply.

After this has been decided, and is seamlessly installed, regular visits are arranged to ensure your system is performing to its high standard, which includes comprehensive servicing, machine maintenance and replacement of parts.

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Interested in a plumbed-in water dispenser for your business?

Rental options available so you can select a plan that suits you.