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Home water coolers with purified water

Enhance your home drinking water with Waterlogic

With our home water dispensers, you can remove unwanted odour, dirt, rust and limescale from your tap water whilst enhancing the taste and experience. By choosing a filtered water dispenser for home, you can turn your simple tap water into something so much more.

  • Filtered water with a 3-stage purification system
  • A bottleless solution that helps the planet
  • Mains-fed system for limitless water at home

Waterlogic products for your home

With Waterlogic's range of home water coolers, water taps and accessories, you can enjoy glass after glass of great tasting water, with the most effective water filtration systems on the market.

Filter catridge

Single & twin cartridge

Our Single & Twin Cartridge systems use the latest Fibredyne filtration technology and can be stored under your sink, not only providing great tasting water but also ensuring that no unattractive-looking systems take away from your kitchen decor.

Reverse osmosis

Reverse Osmosis systems

Our Reverse Osmosis filters reduce the levels of contaminating substances such as sodium, mercury, arsenic, lead, aluminium, nitrates, asbestos, fluoride and chromium by up to 95 percent. As with our cartridge systems, it can be easily mounted under your sink.

Replacement filters

With offices and technicians across Australia, Waterlogic provides filters nationwide. If you already have an under-bench system and are simply looking for a replacement, get in touch with us today and we can provide you with the filter you need for your home.

Why homes use Waterlogic water coolers

Nationwide coverage

Our friendly customer service team provides a responsive local service across Australia to ensure your needs are being met.


With years of experience dealing with drinking water solutions, we offer the expertise to find the best water dispenser for your home

Extensive range

With countertops and under-bench filtered water dispeners and taps for any home, we've got you covered.


With our compact water dispensers for your home, you can enjoy clean, great tasting water on any budget, without hidden costs.

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Online, over the phone, or in-person at a safe distance, we can help you choose the right water dispenser for your needs.

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