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Five reasons to choose a water dispenser for your workplace

Five reasons to choose a water dispenser for your workplace

Offering an adequate supply of fresh, clean drinking water to workers is a legal requirement for all US businesses. A bottleless water cooler provides many advantages that stretch beyond staying the right side of regulation such as; cost-savings, health benefits, convenience and being more environmentally-friendly.

Encouraging your team to stay hydrated with a fresh supply of purified, filtered water is critical for a productive workforce.

How does a bottleless water dispenser compare to a bottled water cooler?

While a bottled water cooler appears to be an attractive option, there are several shortcomings of bottled water dispensers that may increase business inefficiencies instead of resolving concerns.

1. Health Risks

Where bottleless dispensers promote workplace health through sanitization technology, bottled supplies include an exposed tap which is prone to contamination with work-based pathogens such as the highly contagious Norovirus, causing diarrhea and vomiting.

2. Extra Administration

Once installed, a bottleless supply requires near-zero administrative effort. A bottled supply requires someone in your office to arrange delivery, find storage space for lots of big, heavy bottles – a hidden cost that many managers often fail to recognize up front.

3. Plastic Pollution

More than 8 million tons of plastic enter our oceans every year. It’s everyone’s responsibility to reduce our reliance on plastic. The best solutions favor a bottle-free approach in which we reduce the ongoing contribution of plastic production to global pollution.

The benefits of a bottleless water cooler

Bottleless water coolers help offices reduce monthly expenses and contribute to a business’ corporate social responsibility and sustainability, as demonstrated by the following five benefits.

1. Keep your water supply bacteria-free

American businesses miss out on $225.8 billion in annual revenue owing to lost productivity through illness. At the cost of $1,685 per absent employee, a healthy team must remain a top priority. Waterlogic's bottleless coolers offer purification based on Firewall technology that uses UV light to destroy pathogens before they reach your cup.

2.  Avoid the cost of maintenance

Plumbed-in water supplies only require scheduled maintenance twice-a-year, including parts, labor and arranged by your local specialist. Should an issue occur outside of the planned service times, call-outs are available with replacement units offered where a simple fix isn’t possible. Waterlogic prides itself on being a national company capable of handling any issues. It's the customer-centric approach many of our customers value above all else.

3. Help the environment

Waterlogic helps offices reduce their carbon footprints by up to 72% thanks to products such as the Energy Star dispenser requiring lower energy consumption. With water coolers certified under the Carbon Reduction Label, this level of certification proves that Waterlogic coolers have a low carbon footprint, extending across the manufacturing, transportation and installation processes right the way through to service, usage and disposal of the dispensers.

4. Keep your employees healthy

More than half the USA population took at least 5 days of sick leave in 2017, with a further 25% taking 10 days or more. Waterlogic helps reduce the spread of office-based germs by using anti-microbial BioCote® Technology on the outside of all dispensers, helping to minimize absenteeism.

5. Reduce business expenses

Waterlogic rents plumbed-in coolers for a flat fee, no matter how much water your employees drink. Your business could save anywhere between 30 to 70% by switching to a bottleless supply with planned maintenance ensuring no hidden fees.

Make the right choice for your business

There is no quick-fix to plastic pollution as efforts must come from all angles. It is as much about shifting perceptions as it is about altering behaviours and choosing an eco-friendly, plumbed-in water dispenser is a positive first step. Contact Waterlogic to find out how you can set an environment-first example.