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Best water coolers for offices


Providing your employees with clean and healthy hydration is a vital part of running a successful office, but it’s important to ensure you find the right water cooler for your needs. At Waterlogic, we offer a variety of different water dispenser options designed to meet any requirements.

Find the best high quality water coolers for offices by Waterlogic below.

Our Recommended Products

  • WL7 - perfect dispenser for every need
  • WL2 - best hot and cold water dispenser 
  • WL1000 GF Max – perfect for high footfall areas
  • WL100 – Our cost effective hydration solution

How do you choose the right water cooler for your office?

It’s important to find the right water cooler for your specific requirements, and there’s a few factors to consider. Firstly, how many people will be using the cooler? What water options do your employees require? What space do you have available? Our Waterlogic product finder can help you to find the perfect cooler to meet your needs. 

WL7 Firewall – Our best water cooler for every hydration need of an office

The WL7 Firewall® Water Dispenser is our flagship water cooler and most recommended product.

This innovative plumbed-in machine provides an unlimited supply of freshly filtered clean water ideal for up to 50 users and comes available in freestanding and countertop models.

The WL7 features our patented Firewall® UV technology that removes up to 99.999% of bacteria, viruses, and cysts.

This is our most premium water cooler made from the highest quality materials and offers five water options: Cold, Ambient, Hot, Extra Hot and Sparkling. It also features our BioCote® technology around the dispensing area which continuously restricts microbial growth and helps stop the spread of germs.

  • Serves 1 - 50 users
  • One machine with five water options: Cold, Ambient, Hot, Extra Hot and Sparkling
  • COVID-secure Firewall® purification
  • Ice Bath instant water chilling
  • Hands-free upgrade accessory available (additional extra)
  • Freestanding & countertop models


WL2 Firewall – Best hot and cold water dispenser

The WL2 Firewall® Hot & Cold Water Dispenser offers many of the same features as the WL7 but is more suited for those with a lower budget and less water option requirements.

Available in both freestanding and countertop models, the WL2 is a plumbed-in dispenser that provides purified water ideal for up to 30 users. Its sleek and compact design is the preferred solution for small or medium sized workplaces.

The WL2 features our patented Firewall® UV technology which purifies the water and prevents viruses and bacteria from getting into the system, as well as our BioCote® technology to prevent the spread of germs between users. Available with Cold, Ambient and Hot water options.

  • Serves 1 - 30 users
  • COVID-secure purification
  • BioCote® antimicrobial protection
  • Hands-free upgrade accessory available (additional extra)
  • Freestanding & countertop models
  • Cold and hot water options


WL1000 GF Max – Our best water cooler for high footfall areas


The WL1000GF Max Freestanding Water Dispenser is an ideal solution for offices that require high volumes of perfectly chilled water. This bottleless water cooler uses a gravity fed system for fast dispensing and is ideal for 50+ users. The WL1000GF features an in-tank UV system to remove waterborne micro-organisms and guarantee the best quality clean water for your office. Available with hot and cold water options.

  • Serves 50+ Users
  • Supports reverse osmosis
  • In-tank UV sanitisation
  • BioCote® protection
  • Gravity-fed for high volumes of cold water
  • Freestanding model


WL100 –Cost effective solution for workplace hydration


The WL100 Floor Standing Water Cooler is our entry bottleless hydration solution that is more suited for smaller offices. It provides an unlimited supply of freshly filtered chilled and ambient water ideally for up to 20 users, and features our BioCote® technology on key surfaces to reduce the spread of germs between users. The WL100 is ideal for businesses looking for a cost-effective water solution.

  • Serves 1 - 20 Users
  • BioCote® antimicrobial protection
  • High performance carbon filtration
  • Freestanding model
  • Ambient & cold water options


Still not sure what you need?

Use our product finder and find the best water dispenser to meet your needs.

Choosing the right water cooler will provide enough pure clean water for your employees to enjoy all day long. Without the correct research, it can be easy to select a cooler that either doesn’t meet your requirements or offers features your employees don’t use, which can result in you spending unnecessary money.

There is much to consider when finding the best water cooler for your office, but our Waterlogic experts are always on hand to help. We can help you to find the option that meets your requirements and ensures your employees remain healthy and hydrated all day long. For more information, please contact us.