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Zip HydroTap G5 C100 Classic Plus

Zip HydroTap Classic Plus features simple, intuitive controls including continuous flow to fill bottles as well as antimicrobial protection within the new Classic Plus touchpad for enhanced hygiene. The water system features a single under bench command centre including full colour interactive touch screen display with pin code protection and customisable settings including 3 energy saving modes.  

Available in: Chrome, Brushed Chrome and Matte Black

Water options:

Extra Hot

Users 1-100

Why choose the Zip HydroTap G5 C100 Classic Plus?

Increased hygiene

Antimicrobial protection is embedded in the key components of the Zip HydroTap command centre’s water path reducing the growth of bacteria by 99.99%.

Energy efficient

Save energy during periods of low usage with features such as a programable timer, sleep mode and a lux sensor.

Advanced filtration

Market leading 0.2 micron MicroPurity™ filtration technology filters out dirt, cysts, microplastics and lead, providing 25 times more effective filtration than a standard water filter jug.

Environmentally friendly

Reduce your environmental impact and consumption of single use plastics by fitting a Zip HydroTap to refill reusable bottles.

Zip HydroTap G5 Classic Plus Tap

Refill your reusable water bottle all day long with Zip HydroTap G5 C100 Classic Plus.

Zip HydroTap G5 C100 Classic Plus features a single under bench command centre

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Power-pulse™ technology

Minimises power usage by maintaining stored boiling water to within 0.2°C of set temperature, meaning no water is wasted waiting for it to heat up.


W280 x D476 x H333

Water Options:


Water Pressure:

Min 170kPa - Max 700kPa

Water Connection:

1/2" BSP (G1/2)

Water Supply Requirements:


Water Valves:

Integrated 500kPa pressure limiting valve and dual check valve

Power Rating:

0.34kW 220-240V 50Hz

Power Supply:

1 x 10 amp

Product Approvals:

WaterMark, RCM, ARC

Model System Number of users Boiling cups per hour Chilled cups per hour
Chilled C100 100 - 100

Why choose a Zip HydroTap?

  • Save time and energy
    Save time and energy

    Zip HydroTap operates using advanced energy saving technology to reduce power consumption and improve energy efficiency, saving on business costs.

  • Sustainable choice
    Sustainable choice

    The air-cooled system eliminates the need for water in the cooling process, making it a great choice for the environmentally conscious.

  • Enhanced hygiene
    Enhanced hygiene

    An antimicrobial additive embedded in the key components of the command centre and key water paths to help eliminate bacteria.

  • Purest tasting water
    Purest tasting water

    Zip HydroTap uses our most innovative MicroPurity 6-in-1 filtration to deliver an unrivalled drinking water experience. Our 0.2 micron filtration is certified to reduce the 6 most harmful contaminants, including the ones you can't see, smell or taste, to deliver pure-tasting water

Why choose a Zip HydroTap?
Zip HydroTap G5 Classic Plus

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