Please read this COVID-19 update - we realise more than ever that protecting your workplace is paramount We want you to know that we’re taking extra precautions to safeguard our employees and customers as we continue to navigate these uncertain times. This includes ceasing to accept cash sales or processing orders on site at any of our distribution centre sites, all orders should be placed via phone or web. Click here to view our FAQs for more information about the Coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19).

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Today we've saved plastic bottles from landfill

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Why your drinking water is funky or foul (and how to fix it)

Why Your Drinking Water Is Funky or Foul (and How to Fix It)

Most of the time, there’s no succinct way to describe drinking water. Compared to every other beverage out there, water’s—well—plain. It typically doesn’t smell or taste like much of anything. But sometimes, there’s something a little off about your H2O. If it smells or tastes funky, certain bacteria, minerals, gasses, contaminants, or a plumbing issue may be to blame. For instance, if your water smells like rotten eggs, sulfur bacteria and hydrogen peroxide may be present in the water supply. Or if your water tastes like metal, certain trace metals (such as iron, manganese, zinc, and copper) may be present in your water. Sometimes, all you need to do is clean the pipes in your sink or use a new filtration system. Other causes of foul tasting or smelling water may require professional help. So, if your water tastes or smells abnormal, read on for potential culprits - plus what to do to fix the problem.