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Waterlogic visits Inglewood Primary School

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Lachlan's grade-five class embarked on a science project that investigated the composition difference and public preference between tap water, filtered water and bottled water. Lachlan wrote the letter to Waterlogic to share the research findings and concluded that filtered water "should be used more".

Waterlogic team members (Jaime Footner, Caitlin Brown, Paul Duffy, Robert Vagg and Marielle Bagus) worked together swiftly to organise an educational day for Lachlan's classmates. Training Coordinator, Jaime Footner, presented "What's the go with H2O?" to 86 students; highlighting the importance of hydration, the benefits of filtration and introducing Firewall technology.

Lachlan was recognised for his efforts and awarded with a Certificate of Achievement from Customer Experience Director, Robert Vagg. The school was also gifted with a new WL2 Firewall for students and staff to enjoy free for one year. Engaging with the children was particularly significant for staff members, Caitlin Brown and Paul Duffy, who are Inglewood Primary alumni.

The day was extremely well received among students, parents and staff, and we hope to replicate the success with a dedicated primary school education program in the near future. Please enjoy the highlight reel and photos below. If you would like Waterlogic to present our Hydration Education program to your students, make an enquiry today.

With a variety of freestanding and tabletop water coolers, you can find the ideal system for your school. For more information, contact a Waterlogic team member for more information.