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Water dispensers for businesses

Water dispensers for businesses

You’re in search of a water purification system that will deliver only the most pure, clean water for your clients and employees. What types of filtration are on the market? What results can you expect? Which water dispenser is ideal for your workplace? Finding the answers is as easy as reading this article. Take a closer look at the available options with Waterlogic.

What types of filtration are available?

Waterlogic offers two filtration options: carbon and reverse osmosis filters.

Carbon Filtration

Carbon Filters remove chemicals and contaminants from water, leaving the minerals that have a valuable effect in place. Activated charcoal also removes most microorganisms.

10-micron Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) filters are common, but they allow some unwanted elements through. Waterlogic puts a stop on dormant microbes with a 1 micron Activated Carbon Block (ACB) filter.


Reverse Osmosis

Reverse Osmosis advanced systems remove inorganic substances such as acid, salts, nitrates, pesticides and arsenic by filtering water through a semi-permeable membrane.

Reverse Osmosis is ideal when the water source is unknown or the water is known to carry contaminants.


Why great tasting water is important

A comprehensive paper published in the journal Nutrition Review provides a clear picture of the importance of proper hydration in human health including physical and mental functioning. Given that a lack of adequate hydration has adverse effects on how our bodies and minds function, encouraging employees to drink water could be equated with encouraging them to do their very best at work. It will also make them more resistant to a variety of illnesses that would hurt their quality of life and their productivity.

Quick water facts

  • The University of Florida says 75% of Americans don’t drink enough water for their health;
  • The CDC found that nearly half the adult population drinks less than four cups of water daily;
  • Experts say just 2% dehydration results in up to 10% decline in cognitive performance. Physical performance is also affected.

Water dispensers for your business


Choose the ideal filtration system for your workplace

As confirmed by SGS Laboratories in Shanghai, Waterlogic dispensers are BPA-free, and we’re the only maker of water filtration systems to achieve NSF/ANSI 55 Class A and P231 certifications. These standards govern microbiological water purifiers, ensuring absolute water safety.

The Water Quality Association has conducted independent tests on water from our filtration systems and has awarded its gold seal of approval, allowing our clients to have absolute confidence in their drinking water. Additional certifications from a wide range of bodies in Europe and the US show that our products are in line with the highest environmental and health and safety standards.

Finding the right water filtration system for your area’s water quality and your workplace can be a complex process or it can be as easy as contacting Waterlogic. You’ll find that getting the best water can be a cost-effective, low-maintenance process. Make your move towards pure, healthy water in the workplace today.

Contact a water expert to find the perfect water dispenser for your workplace.