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The types of food and drinks that cause dehydration

The types of food and drinks that cause dehydration

We lose water on a continual basis. This is a natural occurrence and happens as we breathe, move or sweat. It's important important to take in enough water to fight the effects of dehydration, which takes place when your body loses more fluids than it replenishes, leaving cells depleted and unable to fulfill their functions. As we're aware, drinking water is the key to staying hydrated. However, a low water intake isn't the only cause of dehydration. Some types of food and drinks can lead to severe dehydration.

It’s easy to dehydrate yourself though your diet and sugar is one of the types of foods that can cause problems. Here are some additional food and drinks to be aware of:


Coffee and caffeinated teas are a diuretic and caffeine acts as an accelerator to dehydration.


Another diuretic - alcohol decreases the body's production of anti-diuretic hormone, which is used by the body to reabsorb water. The headaches associated with a hangover will also indicate you are dehydrated.

Foods that are high in protein

As found by a study conducted at the University of Connecticut in 2002, tests shows a high protein diet caused the kidneys of the subjects to produce more concentrated urine, which is a sign of dehydration. To help combat this, remember to increase fluid intake when consuming a high protein diet.

Salty Foods

Like sugar, sodium sucks water out of your cells increasing the risk of dehydration. Foods such as soy sauce, popcorn and fried foods should be consumed with caution. This is especially important within warmer climates.

Alternative hydration include turning to water-rich foods such as watermelons, cucumbers , strawberries and lettuce. Are you hungry for some inspiration? Start with these salads. You can also combine our favorite fruits and vegetables and make a nutritionally-packed smoothie before your commute to work.