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Benefits of Water & Dehydration Dangers


We all know hydration is important. With up to 90% of a human body made up of water, and the fact that leading experts have proven the health problems associated with dehydration, most are in no doubt of the health benefits of drinking water. In spite of this though, many Australians live in their daily lives in a state of dehydration.


By contrast, when properly hydrated, not only is the body safeguarded against the negative impacts of dehydration, but so too is an individual’s mental well being improved alongside their physical state. Just like how low blood sugar and being hungry can make a person cranky and tired, being well-hydrated can help a person keep a happy, calm, and positive mindset.

Dydration in-depth

Looking a little more in detail about the impact dehydration can have your body affirms staying hydrated can be the key to a happier mental and physical health. From bad breath and dry skin, to fatigue and dizziness, to the more severe symptoms of muscle cramps and headaches, the physical effects of dehydration are immense; but not confined to the physical sphere alone.


With a recent study showing dehydration comparable to alcohol in terms of the impairment and diminished cognitive function it causes, it can be said the risks of dehydration go well beyond merely feeling grumpy and having the occasional muscle cramp. Instead, your dehydration is a health risk to you and to those around you.

Half Empty or Half Full?

Achieving good health and happiness is something that requires many steps, and efforts across multiple fields. This notwithstanding though, when it comes to the health benefits of water and the role hydration plays in over happiness, it really is an easy and straightforward fix to keep yourself content.

Just like how a biscuit tin replaced by a bowl of fruit on the kitchen table shall build a healthy-eating habit, a great way to build a ‘water habit’ in your life is by making a good water cooler a feature of your home, and regular daily routine. Point-of-use water coolers in particular make an excellent fit as they guarantee you’ve cold water on tap when you desire; but without having to deal with the fuss of swapping out heavy bottles and regular reordering of supply.

Accordingly, be sure to build the practice of drinking water early in the morning, by drinking water throughout the day and at work - and having a plumbed cooler at work makes building this habit this easy and seamless - and crucially before bed. Though you may not be alert and active during your sleep, your body still requires hydration to operate effectively. Drinking a glass of water before bed helps guarantee you wake up the next morning feeling fresh and energetic, rather than tired and exhausted.

The Core Takeaways

By ensuring you stay well-hydrated each day (and throughout each day) you can be assured your body enjoys all the health benefits of drinking water, helping you achieve optimal physical health, and keep your mindset bright and optimistic. Best of all, by using the right tools and building the ‘hydration habit’, it is easy to make second nature drinking your daily water and staying hydrated. This’ll help ensure you can focus on leading a life of health and happiness you adore, happy and hydrated.