Today we've saved plastic bottles from landfill

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Recycling plastic in the workplace

Recycling plastic in the workplace

As the old saying goes, “if you can’t beat them, join them.” Although there is a push to eliminate the waste generated by drinking water from plastic bottles, the fact of the matter is that billions of people will continue to drink out of them. Since the goal of completely eliminating bottles is a long-term dream (and one we should continue to work towards every day), one way in which a difference can be made is by stepping up recycling efforts in the workplace – especially since a recent study has shown that almost 80% of Australian businesses don’t recycle at all.

Recycle plastic, because our planet is worth it

According to the Pacific Institute, most of the plastic bottles that are not recycled end up littering beaches, polluting the seas and harming marine life. Bottles that are not recycled also accumulate in landfills at an astonishing rate.

In short, businesses all around Australia (and the world) can really make an impact on the planet, which is why employers should implement and enforce stricter measures pertaining to on-site recycling practices.

The success of these programs obviously hinges on employee cooperation, so any and all top-down measures need to be implemented with the philosophy that recycling benefits the greater good. One way of promoting employee recycling could be to provide incentives for those who adhere to the company’s policies. The benefits of recycling cannot be stressed enough as long as there are plastic bottles around. It's the least we can do!

Be the office hero: devising for a workplace recycling program

It all starts with the audit – The only way to know how much garbage you are wasting is to perform a company-wide audit. Not everything can be recycled, but there could be chances you and your staff are missing. The sooner you know where your business stands, the quicker you can get around to disposing of those bottles in an efficient way.

Get in touch with a reputable vendor – There are many local vendors that specialize in collecting recyclables so pick up the phone and start calling. It is now easier than ever to get your business on a scheduled, office recycling program, so why wait?

Coordinate the logistics – Once in motion, you will need to establish an organized plan for getting the recyclables from point A to B. This means seeking approval from management, determining who is responsible for emptying the bins before they are collected, and motivating employees to get on board.

While it may take a little time to initially set up, establishing an office recycling program is one of the best things you can do to reduce your corporate environmental footprint. This is one investment always worth making.

Also keep in mind that the government offers a number of tax incentives to companies that implement recycling programs. While it’s wonderful to conserve for the love of the planet, a cash incentive to take leaner, greener measures is always helpful – especially if you apply it to purchasing greener products for your office.

Whatever the case may be, it can all be done in a good day’s work!