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How to make your business greener

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In the uber-competitive world of commerce, it isn’t easy being green. Few businesses can afford to ignore the pursuit of sustainable operations. As many as 1-in-3 Australians say they would rather buy an ethical or sustainable product presenting a significant opportunity for manufacturers.

If it’s Australian made, you have a further competitive advantage. Recently confirmed research shows 70% of Australians would buy local products if the option presented itself, particularly where food, health, pet care, furniture and building goods are concerned.

Producing close to home is clearly the sustainable option. It’s not always the cheapest; hence, organisations look further afield and import goods. This increases companies’ carbon footprint and such additional energy requirements can only have a negative consequence on the environment.

A handful of businesses contribute to the bulk of pollution

As energy demand goes up, so does pollution. Just ten energy producers are responsible for one-third of all Australia’s greenhouse gas production. These fossil fuel manufacturers are either exhibit a lack of awareness of their toxic output or are unwilling to proactively reduce it. The counterargument offer an alternative perspective. The world needs energy, employees want air-conditioning and contemporary offices like extensive mood-lighting. These behaviours are the precise issue. Australians dispose of 1 billion plastic-laminated paper cups each year highlighting the enormous impact of people’s daily habits; while annual consumption of single-use plastic bottles will pass half-a-trillion by 2021 with less than half being recycled.

If businesses would make minor adjustments to how they manage facilities, untold gains await.

Promote a positive environmental impact

The Bottleless Water Movement engages environmental groups, governments and businesses in the name of thinking outside the bottle or ditching plastic in place of sustainable, refillable solutions. The company opens new channels enabling an enterprise to be the change, setting the wheels in motion for a greener future avoiding the 1.5 million tons of plastic turned into single-use bottles every single year.

With products such as Energy Star Coolers businesses can reduce their carbon footprint by as much as 72%. These energy efficient solutions are even recognised for preventing greenhouse gas emission thanks to their heating and cooling systems meeting standards set.

Waterlogic: Certified green from the bottom up

Going green starts from within, which is why Waterlogic incorporates Green Thinking into every action to develop a strategy that is eco-friendly.

From built-in sleep modes that reduce energy consumption to anti-flood and leak-detection mechanisms, Waterlogic helps businesses step closer to sustainability through original features that consider the environment at every level. Moreover, recyclable materials ensure no part of any dispenser goes to landfill.

Become ISO 14001 compliant

The ISO 14000 family of standards helps companies demonstrate their commitment to environmental responsibility. By choosing Waterlogic, your organization could achieve ISO 14001 Certification; a recognition that Waterlogic is eager to achieve.

Your business can achieve the ISO 14000 standard by:

  • Constantly reducing the environmental impact of its machines;
  • Being a signatory of the United Nations Global Compact;
  • Holding Corporate Social Responsibility at the core of operations;

ISO certification is certainly within reach. Moreover, as Waterlogic continues to partner with businesses who share a similar ambition, the strategy represents an aspiration achievable for anyone willing to commit to going green.

The steps that benefits business and planet

Becoming sustainable is achievable if businesses adopt the right mindset. By focusing on three simple, incremental points, you can step towards greener operations quicker than you might imagine.

Step 1 - Familiarize yourself with legislation

By acknowledging ISO standards, recognizing the wealth of resources on offer across global environmental movements, and both adhering to, and advocating, legislation that supports sustainability, each organization can encourage wider behavioral change.

Step 2 - Have a conversation

Discuss the dearth of eco-friendly initiatives with colleagues in an attempt to understand how current plastic consumption could lead to the ocean containing more plastic than fish by 2050.

Step 3 - Unearth savings

Not only does a Waterlogic dispenser save the environment, it protects your business budget as well by avoiding delivery costs, reducing the number of disposable cups needed.

Sustainable initiatives improve the overall efficiency of businesses

Sustainable initiatives improve the overall efficiency of businesses, both saving energy and reducing costs. Simple steps, such as a coat of thermal paint on the exterior of a wall can reflect up to 40% of the sun’s heat, reducing the need for air conditioning. In just a few smart steps, your organisation can step towards a more sustainable world, safe in the knowledge that switching to a bottleless Waterlogic plumbed in water dispenser is a positive first move.

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