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Five hacks to a happier workplace

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People who love going to work are a rarity these days. Many of us fuel ourselves with caffeine to make it through the day. Of course, going to work will never be half as exciting as going on vacation but that doesn't mean going to work should be a chore. It is important to realise that being happy at your workplace can change a lot. Research has shown happier employees bring about a more meaningful contribution to the workplace and being happier at work makes you more productive by eliminating additional work related stress. Each workplace is different, and turning it into a happier and more productive workplace will vary from environment to environment. While there is no cookie-cutter formula for turning your workplace into a healthier, happier workplace overnight; there are some measures that can be taken to attempt to do so. It also enables you to explore yourself in a professional context and to grow holistically. So, go right ahead and start maximising your workplace happiness from today! The hacks listed below are ideal for most work environments, if not all.

Form Workplace Relationships

Most people are wary of socializing in their workplace for some obvious reasons. If your friendship goes awry, the awkwardness in the workplace could become difficult to manage. It might not feel right to mix your work life with your personal life, but it is possible for you to have friendships within the work environment without blurring the lines between your work and personal life too much. In fact, networking at work can end up improving your work based performance.

We, as human beings, need relationships to survive. It makes us happier and more relaxed. If you connect and bond with people at work, it will significantly increase the comfort and happiness that you feel in the workplace. This sort of networking can not only increase your productivity but also encourages you to grow as an individual.

Tip: Try taking out at least fifteen minutes of your time every day to interact with new people. Go ahead and talk to that recruit sitting by the corner.

Stay Hydrated

A lot of us get so busy while sitting in front of our desktops and typing that we forget to take care of our health and well-being. Remaining hydrated is important and not drinking enough water can impact your office performance. You are more likely to be cranky and feel tired during your work hours if you do not remain hydrated. According to a study published in the British Journal of Nutrition, dehydration can impact your mood, causing anxiety and contributing to stress. Staying hydrated can keep you happier!

Tip: Purchase a reusable water bottle with graduated markings to help track your water intake, especially during busy work days. You can find out more about dehydration here.

Get Organised

Being organized in your work space can end up saving you a lot of time, effort and energy. It helps you get work done in a far more efficient manner, simply because you know exactly where everything is. You do not need to rummage around through a clustered desk or cabinet. Disorganized spaces, clutter, and the inability to find something that you need on time can cause anxiety and irritation, especially if whatever you are looking for is nowhere to be found.

Tip: Put a reminder on your phone or computer each day. This reminder will help you to keep organised and to place work related items where they belong.

Personalize Your Space

Personalizing your workplace means adding touches and hints of your life and your personality to your workstation or office, be it regarding a potted plant, a picture, or even a small decoration on the table. This can help to eliminate any sense of distance or alienation and adds to the comfort the employee feels while at work. No matter how small your cubicle or office, find some photos you love and put them up in photo frames or hang them on the wall. Bring an item you consider your lucky charm to the office or add wall hangings that you are fond of. If your individuality shows through, you will stand out as a unique individual. It can also help you remain motivated throughout your day. Motivation is key to being happier.

Tip: Pick out a picture that has a happy memory attached to it or includes someone who makes you happy in your life and places it on your desk. This constant reminder will help keep you happier throughout the day, especially when you are stressed.

Arrange Team Building Exercises

Team building exercises can prove to have huge impacts on worker productivity. They also give the team a sense of security and bonding which is vital to people being happier. If you feel like you can rely on your team, you can avoid a lot of the stress related to work. This will make your workplace a much happier area.

The work of an organisation is not just based on how much effort an individual puts in, but also on how much effort the team puts in together. The more efficient the team, the better the consequent work productivity will be. Studies support the importance of team building exercises for efficiency and workplace productivity, but they can also prove to be encouraging towards worker happiness. Team building exercises such as lunches, ice breakers, and employee trips, etc. can help develop a happier and friendlier environment.

Tip: You should actively try to take out time for team building exercises. The positive impact of team building has been documented time and time again over the years, and can easily be implemented in your work life.