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Bottled Water vs Tap Water in Australia: Which is Better?

Which is better: Bottled water or tap water?

Many countries across the world are unable to provide safe drinking water to their populations which often leads people to be reliant on bottled water to avoid getting ill with diseases such as polio or dysentery from dirty and contaminated water.

However, the tap water in Australia is safe to drink, thanks to our regulated water treatment process in line with the guidelines set by the national government. Australia has one of the most rigid water purification framework in the world with over 250 guidelines on how to ensure water is safe to drink. Yet, people are still choosing to crack that cap instead of turning on the tap.


Water Facts in Australia

  • The average Australian drinks 30 litres of bottled water a year
  • Blind testing has shown that many people can’t tell the difference between bottled and tap water
  • There are over 250 guidelines governing Australia’s tap water purification
  • Australia’s water comes from surface and ground water sources, and the ocean
  • The majority of plastic bottles manufactured for water bottles are made from PET plastic which is made from fossil fuels sources
  • Bottled water costs around $3 per litre while tap water only costs an average of $0.25 per litre
  • Bottled water has been found to contain microplastics which can be harmful to your health

The cost of bottled water and the pollution caused during the production of plastics are just some of the many things that should make you rethink unscrewing the cap of bottled water and persuade you to instead purify what’s coming from your tap.


Is bottled water better than tap water?

In short, no, bottled water is not better for you than tap water. A study cited by the University of Queensland in 2020 found that it might even be unhealthy to drink bottled water due to the presence of BPAs and microplastics, and higher levels of chlorine, fluoride and other chemical which exceed the World Health Organisation guidelines for safe water.


Why should you avoid Bottled water?

In addition to the reasons listed above, you might be interested in knowing the following:

Bottled water increases plastic pollution.

Bottled water is considerably worse for the environment as millions of plastic bottles are produced each year to support the industry, with each bottle taking over 450 years to degrade. According to the WWF, the energy used in producing and transporting plastic bottles could fuel approximately  1.5 million cars for a year. The majority of these bottles are not recycled and 75% end up in landfills or polluting waterways and oceans.

The production of plastic bottles also takes a big toll on our environment. In addition to being produced from fossil fuels, more than 6 litres of water needed to produce and cool one 1.5 litre bottle of water, contributing to water scarcity.

Bottled water costs more than tap water

Bottled water is also considerably more expensive than tap. One litre of bottled water costs an average of $3 compared to just $0.25 for a litre of tap water. Making tap water 12 times less expensive per litre.

Microplastics might be found in your bottled water

In addition to this, bottled water has been found to contain an average of 13 ± 19 microplastics per litre, with microplastics found in 94% of the bottles of water tested in this study. These microplastics can be detrimental to your health and should be avoided.


What are the main benefits of tap water?

This wide range of benefits makes clean tap water the obvious choice for sustainable, cost effective and accessible water supply. Plus, with a Waterlogic water dispenser, you can still enjoy the crisp taste of bottled water from a more sustainable source.

"How does a water dispenser purify tap water? Waterlogic water dispensers remove any leftover impurities, bacteria or sediment which may have been picked up as your water travelled through the pipes to your home using our patented three stage filtration system.

1. Filtration through our best-in-class carbon filter

The first stage of filtration removes impurities and sediment including pesticides, lead, petro-chemicals and microscopic cysts. Our best-in-class carbon filters remove bad tastes and odours leaving great tasting water to continue through the nest stages of purification.

2. UV purification

The second stage uses a UV lamp to destroy the DNA core of contaminants, eliminating E. Coli, Salmonella, Hepatitis and other water impurities without altering the fresh, cleansed taste from the previous stage.

3. Firewall purification

A patented UVC Waterlogic technology, Firewall uses a UV lamp at the point of dispense. Eliminating remaining germs as the water is dispensed to provide you with 99.9999% purity as certified and approved in over 7,000 independent tests.

Waterlogic is also proud to offer machines with BioCote protection, a built-in microbial protection which restricts the growth of bacteria and mould by 99.5% in 2 hours. There by reducing the potential for cross-contamination to keep your machine fresher for longer. Waterlogic also offers handsfree options to offer another layer of protection against germs.

These filtration systems are bottleless water coolers that connect directly to your building’s water line for easy convenient access to pure water, helping to reduce your plastic waste and saving you money at the same time.


Is tap water better than bottled?

Whilst bottled water can be a life line for those who can’t access safe clean water from a tap, clean tap water is the best choice for your wallet, your health and our planet.

Using tap water helps to reduce your environmental impact, saves you money and is an easily accessible alternative to bottled water. Drinking filtered tap water helps to further protect your health, reducing your exposure to microplastics and harmful bacteria or impurities. Plumbed in water dispensers can provide the highest standards of pure water straight to your home or office.