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Bottled vs bottleless water cooler

Bottled vs Bottleless Water Cooler

If you’ve ever worked in an office environment it’s very likely that you’ve come across and used some form of water cooler. That lonely machine often stands in the corner and as far as I’m aware has three main purposes in life.Firstly, providing you that crisp cold cup of water to help quench the kind of thirst that you only experience when you’ve seen 50 unread messages in your email inbox. Secondly creating the universally known communal area for people to meet and debate the finer things in life such as; what they’ve been up to the past weekend, or how it’s only Monday but they already can’t wait until Friday. And finally, when a bottled cooler is concerned, helping you get that well needed 3-minute burst of exercise each day as you wrestle the old empty plastic bottle protruding from the top of the machine, and then awkwardly replacing the very full and very heavy 5-gallon bottle in its place.

You may not be aware of it but using a bottled water cooler can cause a variety of unnecessary problems that go beyond causing that aching pain in the bottom of your spine as you forget to lift with your knees. In fact, there’s dozens of reasons that a more modern bottleless water cooler is far more beneficial to your office, your health and the environment. Just take a look at the water cooler comparison graphic below to see exactly what I’m talking about:


To help you understand why a bottleless water cooler really is the best water solution for your workplace let’s take a look at each of these benefits in more detail.

Modern and stylish design

You only have to look at each of the coolers next to each other to see who wins the best looking award. Waterlogic bottleless water coolers are available in a variety of colours, shapes and sizes that can actually improve the aesthetics of your office. Using a combination of soft lines, durable materials and touch screen displays, you might actually feel bad hiding this out of the way in some random corner which was originally used for a filing cabinet.

Just one monthly payment

As simple as it gets. Servicing,maintenance and customer support are all included within one monthly payment, letting you focus on getting on with the day to day. You don’t have to worry about a basic rental price, extra bottle orders and charges or paying for any unexpected problems.

Superior Water Filtration

With a plumbed in water cooler from Waterlogic you know every cup has gone through extensive filtration. You don’t need to worry about exposed taps or faucets that you often find on a bottled cooler that are prone to mould and stagnant water. At a minimum Waterlogic coolers include carbon filtration that removed unwanted contaminants and with our top of the range models you also get antibacterial built-in with advanced UV light filtration that helps kill 99.9999% of bacteria that may be lurking in your water. This makes sure you get a filtered fresh, healthy and great tasting glass of water, each and every time.


Convenient and Hassle Free

Many think that installing a water cooler that works directly off the building’s main water supply is a difficult and intrusive operation. This couldn’t be further from the truth. At Waterlogic our experienced engineers use a simple 3-step process that ensures the cooler will be up and running in no time with minimum disruption to your operations. Once installed you never have to worry about any admin work to do with bottle storage or bottled water racks.

Limitless Supply

We’ve all had that frustrating experience of making our way to the bottled water cooler only to find out at the last second that the bottle is empty. Of course not only is this bottle empty inevitably there are no full ones to replace it – meaning you have to go without a cool refreshing beverage until the next delivery. If you use a bottleless water cooler, then you’ll never experience this office water problem again. As Waterlogic coolers works directly from the mains water supply you have limitless access to cool, great tasting water whenever you needsuperior filtration it.

Environmentally Friendly


A machine from Waterlogic is a far more sustainable option compared to traditional bottled water coolers, reducing your carbon footprint by 70%. Instantly you remove the need for monthly bottle deliveries from gas guzzling vans, whilst also removing the need of non-degradable plastic bottles, which inevitably end up in landfill. All our water dispensers can even be recycled, meaning with Waterlogic you’re truly committing to a greener water solution.

The clear choice

When you dig into the detail it seems that a bottleless water cooler really is the easy choice. Take a look at our range of water dispensers to find the best water solution for your workplace.