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Whatever you need, we're here to help.

You can use the support area to find answers to any questions you might have about purchasing or taking care of your WL Hybrid Firewall®.

If you'd like to contact us directly our customer service team are available between 9:00am – 5:00pm, Monday through Friday.

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Using your Hybrid

  • How often does my Hybrid need to be serviced?
  • How should I clean my machine?
  • If I want to move my Hybrid, is there anything I should do?
  • What happens if I dispense when the reservoir is empty?
  • Water has started dripping from the nozzle, why is that?
  • I dropped my Hybrid! How do I know if its broken?
  • I only plan on using the unit a few months out of the year, do I still need to change the filter after one year?
  • I want to use my Hybrid in my second home, will the filter and lamp last longer?
  • I have a TDS meter and it shows the count higher on purified water from Hybrid, why?
  • I have hard water in my area, can the Hybrid help soften the water?

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How to change your Hybrid filter

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Download your Hybrid manual


Knowing your Hybrid

  • How many gallons is Hybrid designed to dispense?
  • Why does the button change colour?
  • Does the Hybrid affect the pH level of the water?
  • Does the Hybrid reduce Fluoride?
  • Does the Hybrid reduce phosphates?
  • Can I use Hybrid to purify river or well water?
  • Why is the Hybrid better than bottled water?
  • Why is Hybrid better than my pitcher filter?
  • Why is Hybrid better than Reverse Osmosis?
  • Can I store the purified water and drink later?

The Waterlogic Guarantee

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Highest Quality

Over 25 years experience in manufacturing water purification systems ensures we deliver only the highest quality water purification systems for our customers.

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Hassle Free

If your unit develops any fault, we will solve the problem. We promise to replace any faulty parts free of charge, within the first 12 months of your ownership.

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Expert Advice

Our water experts are here to discuss any water related issue. With extensive knowledge of microbiology and water treatment, we might be just what you need.