Please read this COVID-19 update We realise more than ever that protecting your workforce is paramount. We want you to know that we’re taking extra precautions to safeguard our employees and customers for Waterlogic, Billi and Purezza as we continue to navigate these uncertain times. Click here to view our FAQs for more information about the Coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19).

Please note that with several outbreaks of COVID-19 nationwide we are no longer accepting showroom sales in person at any of our sites. All consumables orders must be placed through webforms or by calling 1300 88 14 14

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    Waterlogic’s story is one of dynamic growth through innovation, organic expansion and acquisition. Founded in 1992, we’ve grown into a leader in point-of-use water purification. We got there through hard work, genius and total dedication to pure water.

    The logical next step in your career

    At Waterlogic, we invest in our people to ensure they fulfil their full potential. Work for a company that truly values its employees as a prized long-term asset and alongside people who really love working here.

    Why work for Waterlogic?

    Stability you’ll be glad of

    Stability you’ll be glad of

    Enjoy peace of mind belonging to an expanding company with a strong and stable heritage, celebrating more than 25 years in business.

    A company you’ll be proud of

    It’s our mission to be the best global provider of excellent drinking water solutions and we already enjoy a market-leading position in many countries.

    A company you’ll be proud of
    Space you’ll love to work in

    Space you’ll love to work in

    We’ve worked hard to create a relaxed, inspiring and enjoyable work environment in our 15 offices around the world.

    People you’ll want to work with

    We’ve cultivated a fun and dynamic working environment by focusing on bringing in the right people to join the Waterlogic family.

    Space you’ll love to work in

    The Waterlogic Story


    Over 2,200 employees worldwide from the USA to China

    Global footprint

    15 local branches and presence in over 50 markets


    Dispensers designed with unrivalled purification technology

    Market leaders

    Market leaders in the UK, USA, Australia & Western Europe


    Over 1.2 million dispensers serving over 50 million people


    Over $300m in revenue

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    Our values, your values​

    We live by our values so that you can. We make sure that you’re given everything you need to realise your potential with ample opportunities for development and promotion.​



    Doing the right thing for the right reasons



    Empowering personal growth and development

    Hard work

    Hard work

    Going the extra mile to achieve success

    Fancy a change of scenery?

    Spread your wings and pioneer into a world outside of your own. We have 15 offices around the world in the USA, Europe, Australia and China.

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    “What I love the most is the diversity of the people I work with. We all come from different backgrounds, different nationalities – I’m French myself – different ages, we all have different family situations.”

    Océane Bidault, EU Digitial Marketing Coordinator

    10028 -- 10033 IDS