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  • WL1000GF Max

    The WL1000GF Max is able to satisfy high demand of cold water, even at peak times, dispensing high volumes of perfectly chilled water.

    The gravity fed system makes this machine ideal for warehouses and gyms.

    • High capacity cold water
    • Gravity fed system for fast dispense In-tank UV technology
    • Ideal capacity for 50 plus users

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    Water Options:

    • Hot
    • Cold

    In-tank UV

    Waterlogic’s UV technology uses an in-tank UV system to effectively remove waterborne micro-organisms to guarantee the best quality water. The recirculating cold water system ensures water is exposed to the in-tank UV light multiple times every hour.

    WL1000 GF Max image
    High capacity cold water

    The WL1000GF Max has a large chilled recirculating reservoir for high capacity cold water production. Its gravity fed design also allows for faster dispense times to keep up with high demand.

    BioCote® protection

    The WL1000GF Max key dispensing areas are infused with BioCote®, a silver ion additive that provides continuous antimicrobial protection against a broad spectrum of potentially harmful bacteria, mould and fungi, and reduce the risks of cross-contamination.


    Type available Freestanding
    Dimensions 380 mm (W) x 1140 mm (H) x 340 mm
    Dispense area height 230 mm
    Weight 28.1 kg
    Filtration Carbon
    Storage capacity Chilled reservoir: 11.2 litres
    Cold hybrid tank: 4 litres
    Total cold capacity: 15.2 litres
    Hot tank (500 Watt): 1.6 litres
    85° C thermistor-controlled
    Pump recirculation 1 litre per minute
    Water temperature settings Cold: 3°/ 5°/7° C (default set at 5°C)
    Hot: 80°/ 85°/ 93° C (default set at 85°C)
    Dispensing capacity (Cold) 8 litres per hour*
    [*Drawing water continuously until the cold water dispensed rises by 5°C]

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    2574 -- 12552 IDS