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  • Billi Sahara boiling water under-bench unit

    The Sahara range is the ideal under bench solution where unlimited boiling water is required. It uses a unique insulation technology that allows a large amount of heat to be absorbed, stored and reused, making the Sahara units highly energy efficient.

    Modern and discreet, the Sahara range uses premium filtration systems that prevent scale from building up in your unit, reducing the need for maintenance or replacement.

    • Unlimited boiling & ambient water
    • Up to 250 cups / hour capacity
    • Water cooled systems - no ventilation required
    • Available with a range of stylish dispensers

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    The Billi under bench filtration units combine advanced technology, practical functions and sharp design. Designed and manufactured rigth here in Australia, they are reliable under bench water filters ystems that can dispense unlimited amounts of pure boiling water and chilled drinking water for small, medium and large businesses.

    Key benefits:

    • Smallest commercial unit
    • No ventilation required
    • Energy reclaim system
    • Highest volume of water available
    • Lowest running costs
    • Smallest carbon footprint
    • Both water-cooled and air-cooled units available
    Billi Sahara boiling & ambient image

    Product Code943010943020943060943120
    Suggested no. of persons102060120
    Boiling water delivery (cups/hour)90110180250
    Ambient water delivery (cups/hour)UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
    Heating element (kW)
    Current draw (Amps)10101015
    Underbench Height (mm)340340340340
    Underbench Width (mm)180180180180
    Underbench Depth (mm)360460460460