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  • Your tap water is drinkable. Make it enjoyable!

    Taste, odour, dirt, rust or limescale... We've all experienced one of these. But you don't have to. Choose the filtration system that'll turn your tap water into the perfect drinking solution.

    Waterlogic products for your home

    With Waterlogic's range of products you can enjoy glass after glass of great tasting water, with the most effective water filtration systems on the market.

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    Replacement Filters

    With offices and technicians across Australia, Waterlogic provide filters nationwide. If you already have an under-bench system and are simply looking for a replacement, get in touch with us today and we can provide you with the filter you need for your home.

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    Single & Twin Cartridge

    Our Single & Twin Cartridge systems use the latest Fibredyne filtration technology and can be stored under your sink, not only providing great tasting water but also ensuring that no unattractive-looking systems take away from your kitchen decor.

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    Reverse Osmosis Systems

    Our Reverse Osmosis filter can reduce the levels of contaminating substances such as sodium, mercury, arsenic, lead, aluminium, nitrates, asbestos, fluoride and chromium by up to 95 per cent. As with our Cartridge systems, it can be easily mounted under your sink, keeping water filtration out of sight and off your mind. All whilst proving, superior quality water.

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    Billi Sparkling, Boiled, & Chilled Systems

    Smarter, safer and more convenient drinking water, Billi products deliver invigorating filtered boiling and chilled drinking water. The Eco ranges blend elegant style, futuristic design and cutting-edge technology, meeting green building requirements, disability access and ergonomic design imperatives. These Australian made products are simply the world’s premium home drinking water systems.

    Waterlogic Cube

    The Cube

    Chilled, ambient or hot. The Cube combines Firewall® technology with the advanced functions found in commercial purifiers, in a compact design ideal for the kitchen. With the use of sophisticated UV water purification that filters up to 99.9999% of pathogens, The Cube produces glass after glass of clean, clear and pure water.

    Why homes use Waterlogic

    Nationwide Coverage

    Nationwide coverage

    We serve all of Australia with our offices and technicians based all across the country.



    With years of water experience we offer the expertise to find the best product for your home.

    Extensive Range

    Extensive range

    With counter tops, under-sink filtration and taps we've got you covered.

    Competitive Prices

    Competitive prices

    We offer great value for money, making sure you get the best deal for your home.