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  • Water Coolers for Hospitals & Senior Living Communities

    Waterlogic's filtered water coolers provide unbeatable infection prevention and control, making it perfect for hospitals, clinics and senior living facilities.

    Scientifically proven to kill 99.9999% of waterborne bacteria

    Filtered water coolers for hospitals

    Hygiene is extremely important in settings such as hospitals and senior living facilities, where germs can be spread quickly and easily. When it comes to water purity, only Waterlogic meets the needs of these institutions and takes the dedication to safety even further.

    Tap water or traditional hospital water fountains can contain contaminants including pathogens such as Pseudomonas, Legionella, Streptococcus and E. Coli. When it comes to healthcare, water quality is of the utmost importance. This holds especially true among those who have compromised immune systems and high dependency patients in critical care units. Waterlogic offers an unbeatable defense against Nosocomial Infections, and can provide an extra layer of security for weakened or recovering patients who are easily susceptible to their uncertain surroundings. We want to help you take care of your patients, with a Waterlogic, you will have one less thing to worry about.

    With a bottleless Waterlogic water cooler or dispenser, you will:

    • Provide clean and safe water to your patients guaranteed
    • Save up to 70% on costs 
    • Reduce plastic bottle wastage and CO2 emissions
    • Enjoy our nationwide customer service    

    Water that keeps you healthy

    We achieve our guaranteed safe, clean and tasty water by using a 3 step system to ensure we don’t miss anything. Meaning you get high-quality water, every time.

    Icon Pure Water


    We start the water purification process by using a carbon filter. With its porous qualities, the carbon filter rids the water of unwanted impurities such as chlorine, lead, toxins, odours and petrochemicals, while leaving the important minerals and good trace elements that you actually want to drink. This takes the water to a basic level of cleanliness and leads us on to the second step.

    Icon Firewall

    UV Technology

    Our unique Firewall technology is 99.9999% effective against microbes, 100% of the time (according to the studies of leading independent laboratories). It treats water with UV purification milliseconds before it lands in the cup, and stops back contamination from outside. Established hospital hygiene regimes specify a weekly cleaning of water dispensers. As the Firewall sanitizes the dispensing outlet every time water is dispensed, this provides an engineered and dependable solution that does not rely on human intervention alone.

    Icon BioCote


    The final feature of the Waterlogic process is a protective layer that covers the outer surfaces of the system. BioCote®is a silver additive that we infuse the plastic with to provide an antimicrobial that inhibits the growth of micro-organisms. This provides additional surface protection and prevents the spread of germs and bacteria between users.

    We can hardly overstate the importance of keeping a clean environment in hospitals, aged care facilities and medical clinics. The consequences of not doing so can literally be deadly. At Waterlogic, we have invested our time in research and development to create the best water dispensers and purifiers on the market. What we have accomplished is an engineered solution to protection against the risks posed by Healthcare Acquired Infections (HAI’s) from water coolers. We want to help, which is why we think that a water dispenser should fight germs as effectively as a doctor.

    Waterlogic dispensers have a range of capacities, so whatever your size, we can cater to your demands. Producing hundreds of cups of pure, distilled water an hour, our systems are connected to the existing water mains, and as such create an unlimited supply. You will never be faced with the issue of running out of high-quality drinking water and having to find a lesser, possibly dangerous alternative. With a bottleless solution, you will also never have to change cumbersome water cooler bottles, or be faced with wasteful storage demands. Our models are easy to use and are perfect for patients with limited mobility. As caregivers you have enough to deal with already, we want you to focus on your patients, and leave the rest to us.

    The Waterlogic water coolers and dispensers can save you up to 70% on your water costs. We provide you with the option to either rent or buy our systems, so we can tailor our services to your needs. With fixed monthly payments, you will never be in for a nasty surprise invoice, and you don’t need to worry about fluctuating usage. Our highly trained team of specialists will install your system and carry out scheduled maintenance, to make sure your Waterlogic is performing as it should be. We want to take care of everything, so you can be left to take care of what really matters: the patients.

    Case studies

    Hospital Case Study

    Read how the Côte de Lumière hospital in France reinstated public confidence of the hospital's health standards by installing Waterlogic WL4 dispensers, which guarantees pure water without microbiological contamination.

    Senior Living Facility Case Study

    A look into how The ORPEA Residential Care Group upgraded their retirement residences, clinical care, rehabilitation centres and psychiatric clinics from traditional water fountains to Waterlogic's new generation of Firewall™.

    Recommended water dispensers for the healthcare sector

    Waterlogic 3 Firewall™

    Image of product Waterlogic 3 Firewall™


    • Benchtop and Freestanding
    • High-Quality Sparkling Water
    • Firewall™ Purified Water
    • Touchscreen Operation

    Waterlogic Cube Firewall™

    Image of product Waterlogic Cube Firewall™


    • Hot, extra hot, cold and ambient water
    • 2 step water purification process
    • Leak detector and filter timer
    • Compact & smart design

    Zip Chillmaster Bubbler

    Image of product Zip Chillmaster Bubbler


    • Up to 140 glasses of chilled water / hour
    • Filter replacement reminder light signals
    • Easy to clean stainless steel bowl
    • Carafe filler included for easy filling of bottles