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  • water coolers for hospitality

    Reflect your commitment to service with quality you can taste, sleek and stylish bottleless water coolers are the perfect addition for any cafe, restaurant, pub, hotel or members club. Keep your customers and guests comfortable with Waterlogic.

    Water coolers for hotels

    Purity you can taste

    Offering your customers or guests pure, fresh, water reflects your high standards and commitment to quality, and Waterlogic's bottleless water coolers help you do just that. With our water dispensers, you will maintain your superior customer service by providing an unlimited amount of the best water available. Customers and guests tend to notice the little things, a Waterlogic water solution could be your something special that sets you apart from competitors.

    A Waterlogic dispenser also allows you a sense of flexibility and ease that other water solutions simply don’t have. The customer is always right, and sometimes that can be an issue, but not with the reliability and range of options that Waterlogic offers. Connected to the existing water mains, our dispensers produce an unlimited supply of fresh, distilled and delicious water. You can opt to have the water room temperature, cold, hot, boiling and even sparkling, meaning there is something to suit every taste. Beverages are the lifeblood of the hospitality industry, with a Waterlogic cooler or dispenser, you can make sure that our business only offers the best.

    A Waterlogic solution for your business will also:

    • Reduce costs for your company
    • Eliminate the storage issues bottled water can cause
    • Remove the inconvenience of water deliveries and setup
    • Add value to your corporate social responsibility program by reducing plastic waste

    Waterlogic is the right choice for you

    The Waterlogic tried and trusted 3 step purification process ensures every drop that comes out of our water systems is the highest quality of water.

    Icon Pure Water


    To start our process, we run the water through a porous carbon filter, eliminating any nasty odours or unwanted additives such as petrochemicals or toxins. This leaves you with clear, fresh water that you would be proud to serve to any customer.

    Icon Firewall

    UV Technology

    Our patented Firewall® UV technology purifies germs and bacteria that may be found in your water such as E. Coli, salmonella, hepatitis and other undesirables. By positioning a UV light at the point of dispenser, we ensure maximum protection.

    Icon BioCote


    The final step to our system is the protection of the outside of our dispensers, using BioCote®. This is a silver additive that we infuse the outer plastic part of our systems with to prevent the growth of any bacteria or microorganisms.

    Cafes, restaurants and hotels usually have quite a high turnover when it comes to the amount of customers and guests that come and go on a daily basis. This means that a lot of foreign germs and bacteria are being unwittingly introduced to your environment, and unfortunately they often spread. One of the great designs incorporated in the Waterlogic solutions is the easy to use, touch buttons. These make our systems extremely easy to operate and perfect for self-service; however this can be a double edge sword for most in the hospitality industry. The protective features employed in the Waterlogic filtered coolers and dispensers act as a guard, ensuring that no matter who uses it, the water you are serving is high quality, clean, pure and tastes great.

    A large amount of customers or guests requires a large amount of water. Providing bottled water, or bottled water coolers, is expensive and financially it doesn't make much sense for your business. When you pay for bottled water, what you are really paying for is the plastic packaging, production and filing costs, transportation, and manpower. The actual water makes up a very small part of what it ends up costing you, so we cut out the middleman. By connecting our Waterlogic filtered dispensers directly to your water mains, we are harnessing a resource that you are already paying for, and just making it better. Much better. A Waterlogic systems can erase up to 70% of your costs, without sacrificing on quantity or quality. Reliable, safe and producing a constant supply, with a Waterlogic you can be sure you’ll never be left high and dry.

    With a wide range of models available, Waterlogic has a system with the capacity to serve any needs, large or small. With the highest capacity purifying and then pouring hundreds or cups an hour, you will never be left with a thirsty, unsatisfied customer. Not having to wait for water deliveries, stack drink fridges or even run out of water during peak times, leaves you in complete control of your business. The benefits of a Waterlogic solution are not only the guaranteed safety, great taste, affordability and reliability, but also the impact that you will have on the environment. By switching to a bottleless water dispenser, you save the wastage of plastic bottles, reduce your carbon emissions and contribute to the Eco-friendly responsibilities of a modern business owner.

    With installation and scheduled maintenance performed by a trained expert from the Waterlogic team, we take all the pressure off, leaving you to focus on providing your customers with top service.

    Recommended water dispensers for hospitalty

    WL3 Firewall® (WL3 FW)

    Image of product WL3 Firewall® (WL3 FW)


    • Up to 99.999% COVID-secure
    • Firewall® Purified Water
    • Foot pedal dispenser available
    • Benchtop and Freestanding
    • High-Quality Sparkling Water

    WL2 Firewall® (WL2 FW)

    Image of product WL2 Firewall® (WL2 FW)
    Fully redesigned with elegant and sleek lines, this stylish looking water dispenser features Firewall's excellent purifying performance for the best ever tasting water.


    • Up to 99.999% COVID-secure
    • Foot pedal dispenser available
    • Freestanding & Benchtop
    • Cold, Ambient & Hot Water Options
    • Ideal capacity for 15 to 30 users

    Lazer Office Wall Mounted Boiler

    Image of product Lazer Office Wall Mounted Boiler
    The Lazer Office combines both cost-effectiveness and advanced features, which makes it the perfect partner to provide hot water in small and medium environments.


    • White or stainless steel finish
    • Available in 3L & 5L versions
    • Pre-programmed on/off settings
    • Concealed tap
    748 -- 751 IDS