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    Pure and affordable water for your school

    Keep your students and staff alert and functioning at their highest level by providing a bottleless water dispenser. Keep up with the water demands of academic life.

    Pure water with none of the hassle

    A large part of a child’s day is spent at school. For this reason, it is important that children have a constant supply of basic necessities, such as clean drinking water. If you want to promote a healthy lifestyle to your students, offering an alternative to sugary fizzy drinks and artificial juices is essential. Offering free, clean and tasty water, accessible to all students and faculty is a great way to ensure that your pupils are staying healthy, hydrated and focused on their work. Our high capacity bottleless water dispensers cater to the demands of the busiest educational institutions and support students with the rigours of school and university life.

    Quality is important to Waterlogic. With the unique and exclusive hygiene features offered in all of our systems, you can be sure that every drink is the purest, healthiest and cleanest water available. Our devices are cost effective, connecting directly to the already existing water mains throughout your school. This provides you with an economic and lasting solution, something particularly important for large, public institutions. Make water the attractive option, and get the best performance out of your students.

    With a fully certified range of bottleless water coolers to choose from, Waterlogic has become a leading supplier of water solutions for:

    • Day Care Facilities
    • Libraries
    • Schools
    • Colleges
    • Universities
    • After School Care

    School girl drinking pure water

    Clean water in every school

    Having access to quality drinking water is often taken for granted. Schools have a responsibility to their students to provide them with hygienic, clean water options as part of a safe and nurturing environment. With Waterlogic, we can guarantee your staff and students the cleanest water available, free from undesirable substances and bacteria. We do so using our trusted 3 step distillation process:

    Icon Pure Water


    It starts with a carbon filter that purifies the tap water of undesirable substances and impurities. Nasty additives such as chlorine and lead are removed, while beneficial minerals naturally present in the water remain. What is left is great tasting, pure water for your school.

    Icon Firewall

    UV Technology

    UV light is one of the most effective methods to eliminate germs safely and efficiently. We use UV lamps not only within the water dispensers but also at the point of dispense, with our patented Firewall technology which guarantees that 99.9999% of germs are destroyed 100% of the time, keeping your students safe and healthy.

    Icon BioCote


    Even as the water leaves your water dispenser, the protection has not stopped. The plastic surfaces of Waterlogic’s devices are infused by BioCote, a silver additive coating which serves in the defense of spreadable germs and bacteria. This keeps your dispensers clean and hygienic, no matter how many or how often students use it.

    Another advantage of a Waterlogic dispenser is the extremely simple operation. With a simple touch of the corresponding icon, your can choose between room temperature, cold or even sparkling water. Designed to be simple, and understandable by all, Waterlogic systems are perfect for use by students of all ages.

    If you require a supply of clean water for a large amount of students and faculty, cost can be an issue. At Waterlogic we offer you the options of buying or renting water dispensers, so we can cater to your demands and budget. Prices are also fixed, so you will never be surprised by an inflated invoice if your water usage fluctuates.

    In addition to quality water, advancing technologies, and great savings, Waterlogic cares about the state of the environment. We look towards a greener future and are doing so by offering only bottleless water solutions. Without plastic bottles or the additional transport or fuel requirements, we hope to work with our customers to reduce CO2 emissions. It’s a great lesson for any classroom, great health and pure water does not need to pollute the environment.

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