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  • About UV Purification

    Out to destroy germs. Wherever they’re lurking

    Ultraviolet (UV) light is electromagnetic radiation with a wavelength shorter than visible light, but longer than X-rays. Ok, so that’s what the tech people say, but what does it mean for water purification?

    UV light is highly effective against germs. A UV lamp treats the water in our dispensers with doses of UV energy for fast, reliable and easy water purification.

    Why UV purification?

    It is able to treat millions of litres a day, yet it remains low cost and low maintenance. There is no need for toxic or expensive chemicals, and units only need periodic cleaning and a new lamp every six months. Want more? Well, to cap everything, UV purification does not affect taste, so your water is always fresh and mmmmmmmmmmmmmm … delicious.

    The technical bit

    If you must know more, here’s the science. The ultraviolet radiation in sunlight comes in three bands of intensity: UVA (suntanning rays), UVB (sunburning rays) and UVC, which has the ‘germicidal’ power to wipe out bacteria and viruses. Waterlogic uses UVC UV lamps in its products. Energy is emitted at 253.7 nm, proven to be the most effective wavelength against microorganisms. We use high-grade lamps in our water purification devices. Better water comes from taking care of details like this.

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