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    Water coolers for sale, made simple

    Buy a water cooler from Waterlogic and supply your home or office with an endless source of clean, fresh, drinking water at an affordable price.

    Water Coolers for sale

    Why buy a water cooler from Waterlogic?

    Buying a water cooler from Waterlogic allows you to enjoy the benefits of having an endless supply of high-quality drinking water, as well as the economic long-term savings for your business. The water coolers for sale from Waterlogic ensure that you:

    • Never pay for bottled water
    • Have an unlimited supply of purified water 
    • Save valuable floor, bench and storage space 
    • Enjoy a hassle-free water supply 

    The benefits of buying versus renting a water cooler

    water coolers for sale

    Practical Investment

    Providing you with a fast water solution, buying a water dispenser guarantees a continuous supply of pure great tasting water. Water coolers for sale from Waterlogic offer your business a long-term water solution that is easy to sustain both financially and environmentally.

    Short-term Contracts

    Short-term Contracts

    If your business is looking for a more permanent solution to leasing, we offer you the chance to buy a water dispenser directly. This allows you to make the decisions about your budget without any pressure or compromises to you or your companies detriment.

    No Monthly Costs

    No Monthly Costs

    Buying a water dispenser out-right allows you to budget for a one-time payment as opposed to a long term rental. This method does mean you’ll miss out on any service and maintenance options but you will save on the fixed monthly rental costs and maintenance fees.

    Our range of water coolers for sale

    WL2 Firewall™ (WL2 FW)

    Image of product WL2 Firewall™ (WL2 FW)
    Fully redesigned with elegant and sleek lines, this stylish looking water dispenser features Firewall's excellent purifying performance for the best ever tasting water.


    • Freestanding & Benchtop
    • Cold, Ambient & Hot Water Options
    • Ideal capacity for 15 to 30 users

    Waterlogic 3 Firewall™

    Image of product Waterlogic 3 Firewall™


    • Benchtop and Freestanding
    • High-Quality Sparkling Water
    • Firewall™ Purified Water
    • Touchscreen Operation

    Waterlogic 100

    Image of product Waterlogic 100


    • Entry-level filtered cooler
    • Freestanding & benchtop
    • Ambient and cold water
    • BioCote® antimicrobial protection

    The economic benefits of buying a water cooler from Waterlogic

    Ever wonder why bottled water and bottled water coolers are so expensive? It’s not because the water you are receiving is of superior quality, but rather because you are paying for the production and service. Bottling water is a long and costly service, requiring bottling plants, plastic bottles and labels, transportation and manpower. At Waterlogic, we want to provide you with a pure water alternative that saves costs while keeping to a high standard of quality and service. Water coolers for sale from Waterlogic offer you all this, plus great taste, healthy water and an unlimited supply guaranteed.

    Buy a water cooler or water dispenser from Waterlogic and leave the rest of the work up to us. Our trained technicians will install your water dispenser by connecting it directly to your building’s existing water mains. In doing so, not only are we taking care of the hard part for you, but we are also making use of a resource that you are already paying for (and making it much better). Connected to your water lines, your water cooler or water dispenser will produce an endless supply of purified water, meaning that you are never left needing or waiting for a water delivery again.

    Is buying a water dispenser the best option for you? Check out our water cooler rental page.

    water coolers for sale

    sustainable water dispensers for sale

    Why buying a water dispenser from Waterlogic is the clean, green choice

    Waterlogic water solutions are the best products on the market because of three ingenious steps. The first step is running the water through a porous carbon filter, which separates unwanted additives from naturally occurring minerals that are good for you to ingest. Next, our exclusive Firewall UV lamps eliminate 99.9999% of germs, bacteria and microbial organisms, in the tank and at the point of dispersion. Third and finally, a silver additive called BioCote is infused on the outer surfaces of your model, preventing the growth of any bacteria and keeping your dispenser clean inside and out.

    Not just the right choice for your health, Waterlogic water dispensers also actively benefit the environment. By buying a bottleless water cooler from Waterlogic, you drastically reduce your business’ plastic wastage and by association your air pollution and CO2 emissions. Buy environmentally friendly water solutions from Waterlogic and further your companies social and eco-awareness.

    Buy the right water cooler for your sector

    Depending on the sector you work in, you might have specific needs in terms of the level of hygiene, features or capacity of your water dispenser. Visit your sector page to see what product we recommend based on our experience supplying organisations from a variety of industries.