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  • Water Bubbler
    Water Bubblers for Businesses

    Our range of water fountains cater to all demands and budgets. Find the right water bubbler for your office, warehouse or school, or contact one of our water dispenser experts for further information.

    Water Bubbler

    Robust and reliable water bubblers

    A water bubbler is ideal for busy environments and public areas with demands for high volumes of quality water. Featuring a selection of polished finishes, and innovative technologies, our water bubblers have been designed for schools, fitness clubs, waiting rooms, factories and many more. Delivering up to 30 litres of chilled water per hour, Waterlogic water bubblers are an economical way to make sure your colleagues, employees and customers stay hydrated and productive throughout the day.

    • Entry-level and high-capacity units 
    • Stylish white powder-coated, stainless steel or granite finish
    • Carafe filler included for easy filling of bottles
    • 100% rust proof and UV stabilised  

    Our range of water bubblers

    Zip Economaster Bubbler

    Image of product Zip Economaster Bubbler


    • Entry-level chilled water bubbler
    • Models from 60 to 140 glasses of chilled water / hour
    • Sturdy white powder-coated or stainless steel finish
    • Carafe filler model available

    Zip Chillmaster Bubbler

    Image of product Zip Chillmaster Bubbler


    • Up to 140 glasses of chilled water / hour
    • Filter replacement reminder light signals
    • Easy to clean stainless steel bowl
    • Carafe filler included for easy filling of bottles

    RM Bubblers

    Image of product RM Bubblers


    • Ideal for outside environments
    • 100% rust proof & UV stabilised cabinet
    • Impact resistant construction
    • Sophisticated granite style finish

    Our water fountains are not only high functioning, they are also high quality. Made from tough, durable materials that are built to last, our RM water bubblers are impact and vandal resistant. This makes them the perfect water solution for outdoors areas and other locations that are usually exposed to harsh weather and changing conditions. With the choice between a sturdy white coat, stainless steel or granite style finish, you don’t have to forfeit design or personal taste for practicality and reliability. Strong and dependable, drinking water fountains are the ideal long-term water solution.

    At Waterlogic, we take pride in providing high-quality water solutions that are sustainable for you and the environment. Like all of our water dispensers, Waterlogic water bubblers and water fountains connect directly to your established water lines, making use of an already available (and paid for) resource. By choosing a bottleless bubbler you are also dramatically reducing your business’ plastic wastage, and by extension, your carbon emissions. Choose the environmentally and socially responsible water solution, with Waterlogic.

    Waterlogic bubblers come in a range of volume capacities. Entry-level fountains produce 60 to 140 cups of pure, chilled water per hour while our high capacity RM bubblers can deliver up to 30 liters. By connecting directly to your existing water mains, Waterlogic water bubblers ensure that you always have a ready and reliable source of fresh drinking water at all times. With carafe fillers available and a high-flow taps, our water bubblers are the perfect bottleless water solution for schools, temporary accommodations, gyms, factories and other busy settings that call for high-quality water alternatives. By switching to a bottleless solution, you also eliminate costly bottled water replacements and any other hidden or additional fees that may be incurred in time. This, as well as the multiple testing and quality certificates held by Waterlogic fountains, guarantees you a safe, reliable and economic water solution.

    Keen to know more about water bubblers?

    Is a water bubbler what you really need?

    Depending on the sector you work in, a water bubbler might not be the best option for your company, a built-in tap or a connected water cooler might be a more appropriate solution. Visit your sector page to see what product we recommend based on our experience supplying organisations from a variety of industries.