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    Waterlogic offer competitive price packages for all businesses

    If you’re looking for an affordable alternative to bottled water, a Waterlogic plumbed-in water dispenser is your perfect option.

    Enjoy a customised plan at a price that reflects your needs

    The price of a bottled water cooler is not a one time fixed cost. This includes the recurring purchases, replacement and storage costs of bottled water along with the actual water dispenser price, making it a very expensive deal. Our plumbed-in water dispensers offer freshly filtered water at a tailor-made price for your business. With Waterlogic, you pay one flat fee. This makes it easy to budget and keep your workforce well hydrated, year-round.

    Plumbed-in dispensers mean you’ll save time as you avoid the need to order more bottles, while managers will delight in never again having to guess how many bottles you need nor worry your office may run out of water in the heat of summer.

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    Waterlogic Prices – Quality meets affordability

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    Tailor-made prices

    Give your office a source of fresh drinking water for a flat monthly fee that’s bespoke to your business. We offer customised prices that suit your requirements. You’ll never pay over the odds, no matter how much you drink.

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    Top-quality drinking water

    Waterlogic is proud to provide safe drinking water to businesses across the world — no matter the local water conditions. Firewall™ technology ensures a bacteria-free supply, eliminating up to 99.9999% of all water impurities.

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    Up to 70% cost savings

    Save up to 70% on drinking water costs when you switch to Waterlogic bottleless dispenser. A mains-fed water cooler taps into your existing water supply, meaning no money is wasted on bottle ordering, delivery, storage or invoice reconciliation.

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    Taking care of your installation and maintenance needs

    Whilst you provide your workplace with a supply of refreshing hot and cold, even sparkling water, you can rest easy knowing the Waterlogic installation and after-care process couldn’t be simpler. With our packages, every water system is delivered, installed and maintained by a fully qualified service technician.

    • Short and long term contracts 
    • Fixed monthly rates
    • Fast delivery
    • Disruption free installation
    • Annual servicing

    The perfect water dispenser for your sector

    Waterlogic supplies water dispensers to a range of organisations spanning offices, schools and universities, hospitals, restaurants and hotels, even factories and warehouses. Thanks to this diverse experience, we recognise that no two sector needs are ever quite the same. Visit your sector page below to see our recommendations for the plumbed-in water cooler that best suits your industry and get in touch to pick the price plan that works for you.

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