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  • Waterlogic Cube Firewall™

    With its compact design, the Waterlogic Cube fits in all sorts of environments, including small offices and kitchenettes. With its intuitive control panel and sharp looks, the Cube is a user-friendly filtered water dispenser that provides a modern alternative for healthy water in the office.

    • Hot, extra hot, cold and ambient water
    • 2 step water purification process
    • Leak detector and filter timer
    • Compact & smart design

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    Water options:

    • Ambient
    • Cold
    • Hot
    • Extra hot

    UV water purifier for the exceptional office

    The Waterlogic Firewall Cube is a purifying system with a difference – our unique UV purification technology, Firewall™. The Firewall™ technology purifies the water to 99.9999%, providingclean water andpeace of mind. This water dispenser is great for making cups of tea, coffee and soup with its hot and extra hot water options, or just for a refreshing drink of chilled or regular water to keep you hydrated.

    • Ultimate purity, fully certified by leading independent specialist bodies
    • The cleanest, freshest water there is
    • Firewall at the nozzle to purify the water as it flows
    • World-leading testing and approvals for quality assurance
    Waterlogic Cube Firewall™ image

    As clear as can be

    The Waterlogic Cube Firewall™ is exceedingthe expectations of both consumers and some of the most prestigious research bodies in the world. Outperforming industry standards - and setting new ones- our investment in research and development has delivered. Hard work and a relentless passion means that we can now provide the cleanest, clearest water possible.

    Water Options Cold, ambient, hot and extra hot
    Dimensions 296 (W) x 375 (H) x 425 (D) mm
    Dispense Area 155mm with drip tray; 247mm without drip tray
    Weight 18kg
    Standard filtration supplied 1 x Carbon Block (CBC) CICO
    Option to add extra filter
    Additional Features UV sensor; Leak detection; Filter timer
    Capacity Cold: 1.4L tank; Hot: 1.3L tank
    Water Temperatures Cold: 5°C - 15°C, set at 5°C; Hot: 70°C - 95°C, set at 87°C
    Compressor 230V / 50Hz

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