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  • Lazer Eco Wall Mounted Boiler

    The Lazer Eco unit is a cost-effective boiling water system, ideal if your business has a limited budget. Discretely mounted to a wall, this boiler takes up minimal space, has a sleek design and provides a reliable supply of quality water throughout the day.

    • Entry-level boiling water unit
    • Available in 3L, 5L and 7.5L versions
    • Eco mode to save energy
    • Up to 123 cups of boiling water / hour

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    The economic choice

    The Lazer Eco boiler has an “Eco Mode” option, that automatically turns the unit off after two hours and reduces the power consumption. The indicator light shows red when heating and green when in energy conservation “Eco Mode”. It can reduce energy use by up to 40%, providing a lasting environmentally friendly option.

    • Eco-mode with a unique one button control
    • Easy to clean white power coat finish
    Capacity3L, 5L & 7.5L
    Dimensions3L: 283 (W) x 231 (D) x 435 (H) mm
    5L: 334 (W) x 264 (D) x 465 (H) mm
    7.5L: 334 (W) x 264 (D) x 515 (H) mm
    Weight empty3L: 6kg
    5L: 8kg
    7.5L: 9kg
    Weight full3L: 10kg
    5L: 15kg
    7.5L: 19kg
    Electrical ConnectionSupplied with 10 amp 3 pin plug & flex
    Plumbing Connection1/2" BSPM
    Power Input (kW)1.8 - 2.4
    Max Water Supply Pressure (kPa)1000
    Min Water Supply Pressure (kPa) 50
    Lazer Eco Wall Mounted Boiler image

    2574 -- 1072 IDS