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  • Water boiler
    Wall mounted water boiler

    Our range of Rheem hot water boilers match every need and every budget.
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    Wall mounted boiler

    Wall mounted boiler for instant hot water

    Installing a wall mounted water boiler is the convenient, cost effective and environmentally friendly choice for your office. Unlike conventional commercial water boilers, we offer a series of stylish systems that add to the aesthetic appearance of your kitchen while taking up minimal space. Always ready and reliable, with a water boiler from Waterlogic you will never be left waiting for the kettle to make coffees, teas or soups

    • Energy efficient technology
    • 3 liter - 40 liter versions available 
    • Stylish stainless steal or white finish 

    Our range of hot water dispensers

    Image of product Lazer Office Wall Mounted Boiler
    The Lazer Office combines both cost-effectiveness and advanced features, which makes it the perfect partner to provide hot water in small and medium environments.


    • White or stainless steel finish
    • Available in 3L & 5L versions
    • Pre-programmed on/off settings
    • Concealed tap

    Image of product Lazer Eco Wall Mounted Boiler


    • Entry-level boiling water unit
    • Available in 3L, 5L and 7.5L versions
    • Eco mode to save energy
    • Up to 123 cups of boiling water / hour

    Image of product Lazer Commercial Wall Mounted Boiler


    • High flow tap design
    • Built-in 7 day timer
    • Available in 7.5L, 10L, 15L, 25L & 40L versions
    • Energy efficient & smart technology

    Unlike traditional cumbersome or awkward water boilers, our water boiler systems feature sleek, polished designs and modern functions, making them a visually appealing, as well as highly functional addition to any kitchen or kitchenette. The timer and display, like the rest of the unit, has a minimalistic design that is easy to use and importantly, easy to clean. With various finishes and capacities available, you can be sure to find a model that suits your office’s style and needs.

    Wall mounted water boilers from Waterlogic are not only highly functional, they are also safe and easy to use. Featuring a concealable tap, our Lazer Office boiler ensures that there are no accidental spills or painful mishaps. With specific measures in place to stop the boiler from boiling dry and programmable temperature options, you can be sure you have hot water when you need it, without overheating or damaging your system. Our commercial water boilers can be used safely by everyone in your office, making them the perfect addition to any kitchen or kitchenette.

    We not only believe in providing the highest quality water available but also in providing sustainable and environmentally friendly water solutions. Our hot water boilers connect directly to your water line, making use of a readily available water source. With built-in power settings, you can be sure that you will always have hot and boiling water when you need it, without wasting power and energy at times when you don’t. Our Lazer Eco wall mounted boiler comes equipped with an ‘Eco mode’ which once switched on, turns your system off after two hours to save energy (and money). Reducing consumption by up to 40%, it is the perfect option for budget conscious and environmentally minded companies.

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    Is a wall mounted water boiler what you really need?

    Depending on your sector, you might benefit from another type of water dispenser. Both our water coolers and tap systems also deliver hot water, and you could enjoy pure cold and sparkling water too! Visit your sector page to see what product we recommend based on our experience supplying organisations from a variety of industries.