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    Why people in Sydney rely on Waterlogic water dispensers

    Have you ever poured yourself a drink of water to find that it is cloudy white and full of bubbles? Like many other large metropolitan areas, Sydney’s water can be quite harsh and often unappetizing for the untrained stomach. Provide your guests, customers and employees with pure, fresh and clean water with a water cooler or water dispenser from Waterlogic.

    Our Products

    Our Products

    We offer chilled, regular, hot, boiling and sparkling water options. Choose between freestanding water coolers, wall mounted boilers or under sink systems and get exactly what you need.

    Detailed Advice

    Detailed Advice

    Our specialists can advise you on the perfect water dispenser for your business. We take into account your individual needs, employees, and budget to find you the perfect fit.

    Easy Installation

    Easy Installation

    Our certified plumbers connect to your existing water mains, making the installation clean, easy and completely hassle-free for you and your business.



    Trained technicians take care of the maintenance and the replacement of any necessary parts to make sure your water dispenser system is running perfectly. With scheduled visits, there is no disruption to your working day.

    Water coolers Sydney - Friendly, fast and full service

    Waterlogic offers every one of our customers personalised service that is tailored to them and their needs. We have a main office in Sydney which allows our locally trained technicians to visit your business at any time to assess what water dispenser system will best meet your demands. While there, our technicians can also decide on the most convenient place to connect to the water mains, giving you a comprehensive idea of the model and set-up required.

    • Individual recommendations 
    • Trained technicians throughout Sydney
    • Installation and maintenance included

    Waterlogic has over 18 technical staff who take care of the installation and maintenance of our water dispensers in Sydney, and throughout the state of New South Wales. After installation, we schedule periodic visits for our specialists to come and perform a thorough check-up of your water dispenser system, ensuring that it is performing to its usual high standard. We take care of the cleaning, and changing of any UV lights or filters that need replacing, leaving you with nothing to do but enjoy the taste of pure, fresh water every day.

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    Look what you could save

    With Waterlogic you pay one flat fee, no matter how much you drink.

    You could save:: $20 /month

    See what you save with a water purifier in Sydney

    Waterlogic’s water coolers and water dispensers are a cost-effective way to provide fresh, clean and tasty water for you, your employees and your customers. Connected to your businesses existing water supply, our water dispenser systems use an already available resource that allows you unlimited purified water. We also offer a fixed monthly rate, so even if your water usage increases, your invoice won’t.

    Bottled water and bottled water coolers or water dispensers are expensive and impractical. Bottled water requires bottling, transportation, plastic packaging and manpower, making you pay more for the production than the actual water. With a Waterlogic bottleless solution, you are not only saving money but also the environment, by decreasing your plastic wastage and CO2 emissions. Australia is simultaneously the driest inhabited continent on the planet, and the 4th largest consumers of water in the world. At Waterlogic, we pride ourselves on providing a sustainable water alternative that eliminates waste and benefits both you and your environment.

    Why Waterlogic is right for your business

    In Sydney, the average cost of water for a business or non residential building is $2.276 per kilolitre, in addition to a quarterly $52.21 water service charge. This means that on average, you are paying 0.002276 cents per litre of water used. Compare this to the average cost of a bottled water cooler and water dispenser within the Sydney area. Each refill costs $9 for every 15-litre bottle of water that you use, resulting in a litre of water averaging $0.6. You don’t have to be a mathematician to see that $0.6 is a lot more than 0.002276 cents. It doesn't make financial sense for your business to be paying large sums for a resource it already has. At Waterlogic, we connect directly to your water mains so you don’t waste money or water.

    How does the quality of Sydney’s water measure up?

    All of Sydney’s water comes from the Warragamba Dam and is processed at the Warragamba, Prospect, or Orchard Hills water treatment plants. Providing water to over 5 million residents, the quality of this water is an important part of the health and well-being of every Sydneysider. Sydney’s water is processed to the standards laid out in the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines 2011 (the keyword there being guidelines). Unlike the EU, Australia does not have stringent laws regarding water quality, but rather guidelines that provide authoritative references. The level of chlorine in Sydney’s water can vary from 0.2-1.4mg/l depending on whether mono-chloramines or free chlorine is used. While this may be within the guideline, it’s not always pleasant or necessarily healthy over extended periods. With a Waterlogic water dispenser solution in Sydney, you can be assured that every drop you drink is fresh, clean, pure and always tastes great.

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