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    Why people and businesses in Perth count on Waterlogic

    After the Fremantle Doctor, a chilled glass of water is the next best thing for keeping cool in the Perth sun. Staying hydrated is an important part of living (and surviving) in Western Australia. Luckily, Waterlogic's service makes this easy. Our range of water purification systems and plumbed in water coolers provide you, your employees and customers an unlimited flow of clean, fresh and pure water that will keep you as happy as a quokka.

    Waterlogic Service

    Our Products

    We offer chilled, regular, hot, boiling and sparkling water options. Choose between freestanding water coolers, wall mounted boilers or under sink systems and get exactly what you need.

    Professional Advice

    Professional Advice

    Our team of experts can help advise you on the ideal water dispenser for your business. We look at individual factors including your specific water needs, budget and employees to assist you in finding the perfect fit.

    Expert Installation

    Expert Installation

    You don’t have to do anything for the installation process. Our certified plumbers take care of everything, making it a hassle-free process for you and your company.

    Comprehensive Service

    Comprehensive Service

    We provide a complete service. Our trained specialists perform thorough check-ups to see if any parts need replacing or maintaining, during visits that we schedule to best suit you and your business.

    Water coolers Perth - Thorough, trained and trustworthy service

    At Waterlogic, we like to go the extra mile for our customers; this is why we offer personalised services designed to be tailored to their company’s needs. With a main office located in Perth, our locally trained technicians are available to visit your business premises and determine what water dispenser model will best match your demands at any time. The technicians will also inform you about the possible places your model could be connected, leaving you with a thorough idea of the set-up and water dispenser system required.

    • Individual advice
    • Expert technicians located in Perth
    • Installation and maintenance all-inclusive

    After installing your Waterlogic water dispenser in Perth, our technicians will schedule visits to periodically perform complete check-ups of your system. In Western Australia, Waterlogic has over 10 trained specialists who take care of all of the installation and maintenance of our water dispensers across the state. With regular internal cleanings and the replacement of any UV lights or filters that require changing, we take care of everything, leaving you to enjoy purified water that tastes spring fresh.

    Waterlogic Water van

    Look what you could save

    With Waterlogic you pay one flat fee, no matter how much you drink.

    You could save:: $20 /month

    Enjoy the savings with a Waterlogic water dispenser in Perth

    Waterlogic bottleless water coolers and water dispensers are a great way to provide your customers and employees with clean, pure water in a cost-effective and economical way. With set monthly rates that don’t increase even if your usage does, you can be sure that your invoice will always be what you expect, no hidden or surplus charges. We connect our water dispenser systems to your established water supply, transforming your mains into an unlimited flow of purified water.

    The process behind the production of bottled water entails: creating plastic packaging, bottling, manpower and water delivery. This often results in the consumer paying more for the manufacturing process than for the actual water, making bottled water and bottled water coolers or water dispensers comparatively expensive and illogical. Waterlogic bottleless solutions are designed with you and the environment in mind. Not only does Waterlogic save your business money, it also decreases both your plastic usage and wastage and CO2 emissions. Australia is the driest populated continent in the world, at Waterlogic we take pride in providing you a maintainable water alternative with our water dispenser solutions.

    Waterlogic, the right choice for your business

    Perth is undeniably one of Australia’s most expensive places to live and work. For a business using a bottled water delivery service or a bottled water dispenser in Perth, the average price of a litre of water is $0.73 (averaging $11 per 15 litres). A litre of water from the water mains by comparison, is 0.002155 or $2.155 per kilolitre. This a difference of roughly 0.72 cents, an amount that can make a long term budget tremble. At Waterlogic, we don’t believe in wasting money or water, but we do believe in only drinking the highest quality water available. To accomplish this, we connect our purified water coolers and water dispensers directly to your water mains, because if you’re already paying for it, why not use it?

    What is the quality of Perth’s water?

    Perth’s water comes from a series of reservoirs and are supplemented by recycled water from Australia’s first desalination plant, Kwinana. Situated across the state, the quality and taste of Perth’s water is often affected by your distance to the nearest water treatment facility. Chlorine is added in bulk at these plants to destroy any unwanted bacteria or organisms in the water, and is diluted as it spreads through the water supply. This means that the people and businesses that live and operate near to these plants are receiving a higher percentage of chlorine in their water, affecting the smell, taste and health benefits of the water. During summer and the warmer months, more chlorine is added to Perth’s water to combat any nuisance microorganisms that may flourish in the heat. While this may be technically safe, it is not pleasant to drink. Waterlogic uses UV lights to eliminate any waterborne bacteria or germs, which only has positive effects on the taste and smell, as well as the quality. Our water coolers and water dispensers provide you a fresh, clean and pure water alternative, no chlorine necessary.

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