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    Why Brisbane businesses and their employees rely on Waterlogic

    Brisbane is surrounded by amazing bodies of water to swim in, but what about to drink? Water purifiers and coolers from the Waterlogic range ensure that every drop you drink is pure, clean, hygienic and tastes great. Provide your employees and customers with a superior quality of water and keep hydrated year-round.

    Waterlogic Products

    Our Products

    We offer chilled, regular, hot, boiling and sparkling water options. Choose between freestanding water coolers, wall mounted boilers or under sink systems and get exactly what you need.

    Professional Advice

    Detailed Consultation

    When consulting, we take into account your individual needs, employee requirements, and budget to help you find the perfect fit for your business. Our specialists can advise you on all our water dispensers and make specific suggestions just for you.

    Expert Installation

    Professional Installation

    Our certified plumbers take care of all the installation requirements. We connect to your water mains, streamlining the process and leaving you with nothing to do but sit back and enjoy a fresh drink of water.

    Comprehensive Service

    Dedicated Service

    We want to make sure that your system continues running as it should, perfectly. Our trained technicians take care of all the service and maintenance, replacing any parts that need changing and performing detailed check-ups.

    Water dispensers Brisbane - Ready, reliable and respected service

    To match our customer’s needs, Waterlogic offers personalised service, tailored especially with their specifications in mind. Our office, located in Brisbane, is staffed by locally trained technicians, who can provide a comprehensive idea of the water dispenser system and set-up that will best meet your demands. Assessing what water dispenser models would suit your business and where the most convenient connections to your water mains are, our technicians provide a complete overview, quickly, expertly and hassle-free.

    • Personalised advice 
    • Trained specialists throughout Brisbane
    • Included installation and maintenance

    At Waterlogic, we want to take care of the details for you. For your convenience, there are over 9 trained technicians performing the installation and maintenance of Waterlogic water filtration systems in Brisbane and wider Queensland. After your water dispenser model has been installed, we schedule regular check-ups so that our specialists can ensure everything is working perfectly, just as it should be. We replace any worn out filters or UV lamps, and thoroughly clean the interior of your water dispenser system, leaving you with nothing to worry about. Enjoy the taste of fresh, pure water daily with a Waterlogic water dispenser.

    Waterlogic Water cooler van

    Look what you could save

    With Waterlogic you pay one flat fee, no matter how much you drink.

    You could save:: $20 /month

    Save costs with a Waterlogic water purifier in Brisbane

    When providing your customers and employees with drinking water, a cost-effective solution makes economic sense for your business. Waterlogic water coolers and water dispensers are the ideal systems to provide clean and tasty water without wasting money or resources. Our bottleless models connect directly to the existing water supply lines, converting an available resource to an endless source of pure water.

    Usually, when you buy bottled water you end up paying more for the production than for the actual drinking water. This is because of the numerous steps and costs involved in the manufacturing process, such as plastic packaging and transportation. This means that traditional options for pure water such as bottled water and bottled water coolers are often costly and unfeasible for companies to maintain. Waterlogic bottleless solutions are not only economical, they are an environmentally friendly alternative. By reducing plastic waste and carbon emissions, Waterlogic provides a sustainable option that eliminates water and material wastage.

    Why a water dispenser from Waterlogic is right for any Brisbane business

    In Brisbane, the average cost of water for a company is $1.414 per kilolitre. Direct from the mains, this means that one litre of water is roughly 0.001414 cents per litre (plus a $46.80 quarterly water service fee). Compare this to the average cost of a litre of water from a bottled water cooler, which at a standard of $11 per 15 litres, is $0.73. The difference is huge, and quickly adds up for businesses. Keep your budget on track without compromising on quality with a purified water cooler or water dispenser from Waterlogic. Expertly connected directly to your water mains, Waterlogic systems purify the existing water, making it clean, healthy and pure. Water is a valuable resource, especially in Queensland, let’s not waste it.

    How high is the quality of Brisbane’s water?

    Brisbane’s water comes from three major sources, the Wivenhoe Dam, Somerset and North Pine. All three sit on the edge of large rivers and like everything in Australia, are subject to extreme weather. During floods, storms and cyclones (such as Yasi in 2011) run off from surrounding rivers and mountains can compromise Brisbane’s water sources, leaving the water with a dirty, earthy taste. While the taste has no health effects (though it is unpleasant), other contaminants can have dire consequences for the nearly 2 and a half million people who drink the water. In 2014, Dr. Rachel Thomson from Queensland University of Technology Brisbane found evidence that there was disease carrying mycobacteria in Brisbane’s water supply, and these could be directly linked to infections in some patients. Presenting as persistent coughs, night sweats, and fatigue, mycobacterial infections can take upwards of 12-18 months to treat and can have serious side effects for the sufferer. Water dispensers from Waterlogic employ an exclusive three-step purification process to ensure that the water is free from all unwanted contaminants and bacteria, guaranteed. According to Dr. Thomson, the number of mycobacterial diseases is steadily increasing, with an estimated 200 new cases each year. Don’t let yourself become a statistic.

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