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    Why a Waterlogic water dispenser is right for Adelaide businesses

    What if Adelaide’s water tasted as good as its wine? Water filtration systems from Waterlogic purify the water as it passes through, removing any unwanted additives, including the taste and smell of chlorine. With our water dispensers you can provide clean, pure water for your employees and customers that tastes like it’s fresh from a spring.

    Waterlogic Products

    Our Products

    We offer chilled, regular, hot, boiling and sparkling water options. Choose between freestanding water coolers, wall mounted boilers or under sink systems and get exactly what you need.

    Professional Advice

    Expert Consultation

    Our consultants can advise you on the perfect water dispenser for your business. Our specialists take into account your employees, individual needs and budget to find you the ideal model.

    Simple Installation

    Simple Installation

    We don’t want you to be intimidated by complicated set-ups. Our certified plumbers take care of everything, quickly, cleanly and hassle free.

    Complete Service

    Complete Service

    Through regularly scheduled check-ups, our trained technicians make sure that your water dispenser system continues to run perfectly, just as it should. Leave all the maintenance, part replacement and internal cleaning up to us.

    Water coolers Adelaide - Superior, swift and steadfast service

    At Waterlogic, we offer every customer service that is tailored to their personal requirements. Our technicians are ready and available to visit your office and assess what water dispenser model would best cater to your business’ needs. While advising you, our technicians are already able to decide on the opportune place to connect to your water mains, leaving you with a complete overview of what water dispenser system and set-up you require.

    • Personalised recommendations 
    • Qualified specialists servicing Adelaide 
    • All-inclusive installation and maintenance

    At Waterlogic, we have trained technical staff taking care of the installation and maintenance of our water dispenser and water filtration systems across Adelaide and South Australia. Our specialists carry out periodic check-ups: cleaning the internal systems, replacing any worn UV lamps or filters and making sure everything is functioning at its usual high standard. The appointments are hassle-free and scheduled to work around your business day. Leave everything up to us, and start enjoying clean, fresh water from a Waterlogic water dispenser today.

    Waterlogic Water Cooler Van

    Look what you could save

    With Waterlogic you pay one flat fee, no matter how much you drink.

    You could save:: $20 /month

    Appreciate the savings with a Waterlogic water purifier in Adelaide

    A cost-effective and sustainable way to provide your customers and employees with clean and fresh water is with a Waterlogic water cooler or water dispenser. Connected straight to your business’ existing water lines, Waterlogic water solutions create an endless supply of distilled water by making use of a readily available resource, saving you from paying twice. By fixing our monthly rates, we also ensure that you know exactly what your costs will be, regardless of fluctuating usage.

    Australia is the driest inhabited continent in the world, and also one of the world’s top consumers of water. At Waterlogic, we take pride in providing a maintainable bottleless water alternative that actively eliminates waste, while benefiting the environment. Bottled water and bottled water coolers are a common water solution, however, both are impractical and expensive for businesses to sustain. The majority of the cost of bottled water often goes towards the production process rather than the actual water. This is because bottling water requires plastic packaging, a bottling plant, various transportation means and large amounts of man-power. Waterlogic bottleless solutions erase these costs and offer a green (and wallet) friendly water alternative suitable for every need.

    Why Waterlogic is the best choice for any Adelaide business

    Adelaide is one of Australia’s most expensive cities when it comes to the price of drinking water. On average, the cost of a litre of water from a bottled water cooler is $0.91, with the average refill in Adelaide costing around $11 per 12 litres. Compare this to what a business pays for their water utility. The standard cost for a non-residential building is $3.36 per kilolitre of water, plus a $71.60 fee every three months for a water service charge. This means that a litre of water from your mains is roughly 0.00336 cents. 0.00336 cents is substantially less than $0.91, and it raises the question why anyone would pay that much for a resource they are already paying for. Waterlogic water coolers and water dispensers are designed to connect to your established water supply, using the water you already have and purifying it to make it cleaner, healthier and all around better for you (and your wallet).

    Adelaide’s water quality, how does it compare?

    Adelaide’s water comes from many sources around the state, including Happy and Hope Valley reservoir. With names like these it can be hard to believe there are issues with Adelaide’s water supply and treatment process, unfortunately, it is the treatment of these water reserves that is posing a risk to nearly 1.3 million people. During the distillation processes, chlorine is added to the water to eliminate any harmful diseases or bacteria. If too much chlorine is added, however, harmful by-products called trihalomethanes (THMs) are produced. The Australian Cancer Council has been researching the link between THMs and cancer in animals, with evidence suggesting there is a link with bladder cancer. While they have not yet investigated the effects on humans, prolonged exposure to THMs is already considered unhealthy. SA Water does conduct tests to monitor these and other harmful contaminants, however from 2000-2012 there were nearly 10,000 breaches of the Australian Drinking Water and World Health Organisation guidelines. Waterlogic not only provides you with safe, clean water, but also with peace of mind. Be certain that you only drink the purest water in Adelaide with a Waterlogic water cooler or water dispenser.

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