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  • Advantages of a plumbed in water cooler
    Switch to us and eliminate bottled water costs

    Waterlogic water is more cost friendly than you think. Switch to bottleless and save up to 70% in costs, plus save on your environmental impact. Request a Quote

    Look what you could save

    With Waterlogic you pay one flat fee, no matter how much you drink.

    You could save:: $20 /month

    Spend less. Get more.

    Instantly save 30-70% by switching to a bottleless water cooler.

    You're already paying your water utility bill, so why pay to get water delivered too? With Waterlogic, you make regular set payments and then enjoy as much water as you want 365 days of the year.

    Along with simple pricing, there is no complex ordering and no invoices to reconcile.

    Plus we can save you the worry of:

    • Exceeding budget with varying consumption levels
    • Storing bottles
    • Personal injury from lifting heavy bottles
    • Interrupted supplies if you run out before your next delivery

    Try our Savings Calculator (to the left) and be impressed by how much you could save.

    Safety comes first

    Switch to a bottleless water dispenser and choose the most secure drinking water option for your business.

    No Accidents or Risks

    • No more lifting heavy bottles
    • No storage of big bottles
    • No mouldy & stagnant water
    • No accidental water spills

    A Waterlogic bottleless water solution is the optimum drinking water option as it offers the cleanest drinking water with absolutely no compromises on safety.

    Waterlogic water tank

    Waterlogic water dispenser

    Simple and convenient

    Helping you make your drinking water solution a pleasure and not a chore.

    • An endless supply of drinking water - no running out
    • No storage and associated admin costs
    • No bottle deliveries to manage
    • No risks from lifting heavy bottles
    • Fixed cost despite seasonal usage fluctations

    Our mains-fed bottleless water coolers fit anywhere. We have freestanding and countertop options, as well as a range of wall-mounted and under bench boiling and chilled systems. This means you can conveniently have pure water where you want it - no compromises.

    Water that doesn't cost the earth

    Our company colours are blue, but we're always thinking green. Mains connected water systems are environmentally friendly, using water already piped to your premises.

    • Reduce your carbon footprint by 72% with Waterlogic
    • Decrease landfill contribution from plastic bottles
    • No more transporting of plastic bottles

    Be green, get a connected water solution today and start reducing your carbon footprint

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    Non-polluting water

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