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  • Why Your Office Needs a Bottleless Water Cooler

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    Why Your Office Needs a Bottleless Water Cooler

    1) Your water always tastes fresh

    Stored plastic water containers absorb odours causing the water to taste stale.

    2) You spend less money on water – no matter how much your employees drink

    Waterlogic customers save 30-70% by switching to a bottleless water cooler.

    3) It saves your business valuable time

    A bottleless water cooler eliminates the need for extra work such as taking inventory and receiving water bottle deliveries.

    4) There's reduced risk of workplace accidents

    Replacing a heavy water cooler bottle brings a risk of spills or injuries.

    5) It's better for the environment

    Australian businesses are increasingly aware of the need for sustainability in business.

    It’s an accepted fact: many people don’t drink enough water, and Australians are no exception. In a business context, that can mean your employees and team members aren’t performing optimally because they’re experiencing the symptoms of dehydration. Scientific studies have confirmed being just 2% dehydrated can cause a noticeable reduction in cognitive performance and motor coordination.

    Staying Hydrated at Work

    Today more than ever, businesses across Australia are working to engage with their employees and aim to help them perform at their best, which includes investing in technologies and training. The one ingredient that may be missing from your productivity drive could be unlimited access to purified drinking water that your staff will be glad to sip all day long.

    There are numerous studies showing the benefits of optimum hydration – and the consequences of dehydration. The UK’s National Hydration Council reviewed existing scientific literature, and drew the following conclusions regarding the benefits of adequate hydration:

    • Sharper thinking and improved alertness
    • Improved short-term memory retention
    • Better concentration
    • Enhanced mood
    • Less feelings of fatigue, stress and anxiety
    • Fewer sick days taken as a result of illnesses related to dehydration

    It’s easy to see that people who do physically demanding work in hot conditions can easily suffer from dehydration but office employees are also at risk. Although air conditioning protects us from the hot sun, it also contributes to dehydration.

    What Does the Law Say About Workplace Drinking Water?

    Australian law doesn’t just require employers to have clean drinking water on the premises. The water must be:

    • accessible
    • available at a water point for every 40 employees on a site
    • separate from washing facilities or toilet areas
    • supplied free of charge
    • no more 30 metres away from any employee’s work station, and if workers can’t leave their work stations to get water, they must have a water source within reach.

    An interesting provision that exceeds most countries’ laws stipulates that the water should not only be clean and safe, but cool and palatable. When summer temperatures soar, tap water often warms up, making water coolers the only suitable solution. Knowing that you are in full compliance with the law gives you one less thing to worry about, and once you have your bottleless water cooler, your employees will be further motivated to drink the cool, clean water, more than making up for any time spent fetching it with improved productivity and mental acuity.

    Isn't it time to get an office bottleless water cooler?