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  • Winter tips to combat flu season in the workplace

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    Winter tips to combat flu season in the workplace
    • 54% of Australian workers still show up to work despite being sick
    • The hero mentality of working through sickness is estimated to cost organisations $35 billion
    • This winter, Waterlogic encourages employers to be proactive about health and hygiene

    More than half of Australians show up to work despite being sick

    New research reveals 54% of Australians show up to work whilst being sick and one in five (21%) report having too much work to do to take a sick day. It highlights the overwhelming numbers of Australians adopting the hero mentality and working through sickness. Melbourne based GP, Dr Preeya Alexander says, “While individuals have their heart in the right place, they need to consider the greater impact of coming into work when unwell. I encourage sick patients to take a day off but I’m often met with resistance due to fear of missing a day at work and how it will be perceived,” she said.

    While one in ten (16%) surveyed believe colleagues should still come into the office if they can perform their duties, the impact of presenteeism is estimated to cost organisations $35 billion. Therefore, workplaces and employees need to work together to take a more active role in managing sick days. Dr Alexander says, “If you continue working while sick, not only do you feel miserable but you’re likely to be less efficient and you risk spreading the virus further. It creates a vicious cycle that is propelled by the belief you can ‘soldier on’.”

    Cold and flu bacteria are easily transferred

    Shared equipment such as handles, buttons and toilets increases the chance of bacteria spreading. However, untreated water dispensers, which typically have daily contact with the entire workplace, are often overlooked as one of the most common breeding grounds for bad bacteria. Dr Alexander says, “Cold and flu viruses can survive on hard surfaces for up to eight hours and on a person’s hands for approximately five minutes after they touch a contaminated surface. “Consider how many hands come into contact with public surfaces in your office. Like the water cooler, for example. Imagine the millions of germs left behind for the next person,” she said.

    Carl Crowley, CEO of Waterlogic Australia says, “Employers should be more proactive about infection prevention in the workplace. Encouraging work from home policies to help reduce that hero mentality, while also investing in technology that improves hygiene within common areas, will reduce the spread of viruses. “Waterlogic’s water dispensers are protected by BioCote®. The antimicrobial technology is manufactured into our products to create a surface area that bacteria can’t survive on. “BioCote® has been proven to inactivate the influenza virus, as well as mould and fungi, which helps reduce the risk of cross-contamination in the workplace,” he said.

    As half over of Australians suffer from a cold or flu at least twice a year, Waterlogic reminds all Australians that to stay healthy, it’s just as important to stay hydrated in the winter as it is during the warmer months.

    Tips for staying healthy this winter

    • Stay hydrated
    • Speak to your GP about getting a flu shot
    • Eat your five a day (fruit and veg)
    • Keep moving
    • Cover coughs and sneezes with a tissue
    • Wash or sanitise your hands frequently
    • Get enough sleep and rest

    Tips to maintain a healthy workforce

    • Provide hand sanitiser and anti-bacterial wipes
    • Provide drinking water via Waterlogic dispensers protected by BioCote and Firewall technologies
    • Provide flu vaccinations in your office
    • Use workload sharing
    • Reduce the ‘hero’ mentality
    • Send sick people home
    • Enable people to work from home

    Why Waterlogic this winter?

    Waterlogic units contain BioCote® antimicrobial technology, a silver-based additive manufactured into products to create a surface upon which bacteria cannot survive. BioCote® provides continuous protection against potential cross-contamination and the negative impact on health and productivity. It acts in minutes and has been proven to reduce microbes on products by up to 99.5% in two hours.

    Our patented Firewall® UV technology also eliminates 99.9999% of pathogens in the water itself, including bacteria, viruses and cysts. A UV lamp is placed at the point of dispense, obliterating germs just before your water reaches the glass.

    Together, BioCote® and Firewall® revolutionise the humble water cooler with unrivalled purification and infection prevention.

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