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    Our drinking water dispensers guarantee taste, purity, safety & affordability with every drop. Enjoy the pure water revolution!

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    Water Dispensers

    save money on your water cooler

    Cost Savings

    Waterlogic customers save 30-70% versus traditional bottled water dispensers.

    A simple water cooler


    Enjoy an office dispenser with no heavy lifting, no bottle storage and no accidental water spills.

    Purer water

    Purer Water

    Our systems use Firewall technology to remove 99.9999% of water impurities.

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    The perfect mains fed water dispensers for your business

    Why choose a water dispenser from Waterlogic?

    Nationwide Coverage

    Nationwide Coverage

    We serve all of Australia with our offices and technicians based all across the country to make sure everyone gets great water.

    Expertise / Consultancy

    Expert Consultancy

    Our teams are experts in their field. We have a wealth of experience to ensure we provide you with the most suitable sales & service advice.

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    Quality Products

    Our water dispensers are Watermark™ certified guaranteeing legal compliance with the standards set in the plumbing codes of Australia

    Service Plans

    Service Plans

    We offer affordable service plans to regularly service your water dispenser and keep it in tip-top condition 100% of the time.

    Water dispenser water

    How can we help you?

    All of our products are connected to the mains water supply. This is because we believe that businesses should leverage their existing infrastructure and not pay more to access a natural resource.

    Choice of Products. Our wide product range includes freestanding and bench top filtered water dispensers, water bubblers, under-bench systems, on-demand sparkling water and many more. We only offer products we really believe will provide total satisfaction to you, your employees and your customers.

    Filtered on Demand. All of our water solutions filter the water, so with every drop you get the highest possible standards. Using water already supplied to your building, you get an unlimited supply of fresh and filtered water throughout the day.

    Our water experts will provide the best advice and support so you have one less thing to worry about.

    What about saving 70% by switching to a mains fed Water Dispenser?

    You can save up to 70% by switching from bottled water to one of our mains connected water dispenser. Our fixed monthly rental and planned maintenance programs ensure you have no hidden expenses or spikes in your spending. Plus, by using water piped already to your building, you can enjoy an endless supply (and why not use it as you have already paid for it?).

    Most great things come at a cost, but not with Waterlogic.

    You can see the real cost savings with our savings calculator

    Cost Savings Solution

    Worried about the technical bits?

    You shouldn't have to. That is why, as part of our commitment to you:

    • We can assess your site to decide what the best option is for you
    • We guarantee fast delivery and installation wherever you are
    • We know when it's time for us to come and service your unit
    • We ensure the shortest possible response times when you contact us

    Our technicians, located across the entire country, are fully qualified in servicing Waterlogic,
    Birko, Billi & Rheem products, providing expertise and value-for-money.

    No More Bottled Water Cooler

    Reassuringly delicious, pure & safe!

    Our water dispensers give you access to unlimited amounts of filtered and purified water without affecting either the taste or the healthy minerals. Just as if you were drinking spring water directly from your tap!

    "It tastes delicious"

    This is because our filters remove all chlorine, sediment and lead.

    "I am reassured that the Firewall water is germ free"

    Firewall™ is a UV lamp technology that treats the water to ensure it is completely purified. It never fails to perfectly purify your water.

    "Chlorine free tap water, love it!"

    With chlorine removed, the water has a great fresh taste and it's odour free.

    "I will never have to buy bottled water again – that’s a weight off my mind!"

    At Waterlogic, all of our solutions use water already supplied to your business. Once installed, there is no need to buy bottled water ever again – true convenience and an effective long-term cost solution.

    Water dispenser pure water taste

    Water dispensers

    A water option for you

    We all have different needs. Therefore, we have a variety of filtered water dispensers for you to choose from to suit any and all requirements.

    Whether you need a benchtop, freestanding, under-bench system or a boiler, we can help you. If you’re not sure what you might be best for you, then take a look at our ranges or don't hesitate to contact us directly.

    Tap systems