Waterlogic FAQ

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1. What is the difference between filtered water coolers and bottled water coolers?
Filtered water coolers utilize the water in your building and offer an unlimited supply of cold fresh water. At half the price of bottled office water, the Waterlogic range is also considerably cheaper.

2. What products do you offer?
Products and services Waterlogic provides include: Freestanding or Bench Top Watercooler, Undersink Water Chiller, Filtered Watercooler, Cold and Hot Water Dispenser, Boiling Water Units, For more information on any Waterlogic product, please contact us or call 1300 88 14 14 today.

3. Why are companies swapping to filtered office water?
There are a number of reasons to make the switch from bottled water to filtered office water cooler. From convenience and unrivalled cost benefit to hygiene and environmental reasons. For a full list of the benefits of Waterlogic filtered water systems, read the Benefits page.

4. Is filtered water more hygienic than bottled counterpart?
Yes, the water filter system that Waterlogic utilises ensures only the healthiest water is available to your staff and clients. Because bottled water cooler is exposed to light and air, bacteria are able to grow in the water. With a filtered office water dispenser, your water does not see the light of day until it is in your glass. Waterlogic also provides a regular hygiene service to guarantee the highest quality of water at all times.

5. What are the environmental benefits of a filtered office water?
At Waterlogic, we promote an office water cooler range that benefits not only the office staff, but the environment, too. Waterlogic’s water chiller and water filter systems eliminate the need for bottled water delivery trucks, as well as the manufacturing and disposal of plastic water bottles. By doing so, they reduce greenhouse gas emissions significantly. Read the Benefits page for more information on how filtered water reduces the impact on the environment.

6. What happens if there is no water source where we want to put the water filter system?
Not a problem. Waterlogic can easily install a water filter system up to 100 metres from a water source.

7. Does bottled water taste the same as water from a filtered watercooler?
Though there can sometimes be a slight variance in taste, most people actually prefer the taste of filtered tap water for it’s cleanliness and consistency. The team at Waterlogic guarantee great tasting water every time.

8. What if we don’t own our premises?
No problem. In fact, 90% of our water chillers are installed in leased premises. No trace of the unit is left once the watercooler is uninstalled.

9. What if we need to relocate our office?
Waterlogic believes in delivering highest quality filtered office water wherever you go. If you are relocating, it’s no problem for us to uninstall your office water chiller and reinstall at your new premises.

10. How is the water chiller installed?
Our waterchiller, and hot water dispensers are installed by fully licensed tradesman with a simple connection to a mains water source (much like connecting a dishwasher). Flexible, food-grade micro-tubing discreetly transfers the water from the mains source to the water chiller. Because your water now runs from the mains source, your staff and clients can consume an unlimited amount of water without the need to remove, store and replace heavy bottles.

11. What is the cost of installation?
Installation is FREE on all of our water filter systems. There are also no hidden additional costs whatsoever with our watercoolers.

12. What areas of Australia do you install the water filter system?
Waterlogic is a truly national supplier. We can install our waterchillers and water dispensers into businesses located in any town or city throughout Australia. Contact us today to see how we can help with your office water.

13. Why do you offer a free watercooler trial?
We are so confident that you will love our watercooler systems that we are happy to let you “trial our system before you commit”. Once our watercooler is installed, you will wonder how you ever went without a Waterlogic filtered office water system.

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