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At Waterlogic, it is our mission to provide pure water for every business and every home.

Waterlogic is a worldwide leading designer, manufacturer and provider of office and home water coolers trusted by many of the largest brands and government bodies in Australia and worldwide.



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In our mission to provide the world with pure water, in 2014 we acquired WaterFirst, Cool Clear Water and Culligan, the three largest suppliers of water filtration and dispensing systems in Australia. The bringing together of these established businesses means that we can deliver the very best chilled and filtered office water cooler solutions to both large and small businesses throughout Australia.

As a previous customer of WaterFirst, Cool Clear Water or Culligan, we guarantee that you will continue to enjoy the same service and product quality with all the extra benefits we can bring you as a worldwide leader in our industry.

Waterlogic supports Wateraid

Waterlogic’s charity involvement

Because we cannot ignore that millions of people in the world still do not have access to safe water, we have committed, as a group, to become a financial supporter of WaterAid,an international charity developed to assist the world’s poorest countries to gain access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene education. The more dispensers we provide, the more we will donate.

 [photo credit: WaterAid/ Dieter Telemans]

Waterlogic product ranges

To discover the benefits of the Waterlogic product ranges of water chillers, water dispensers and boiling water units for your business, call 1300 88 14 14 today or fill our online form for a Free Watercooler Trial.

Our focus revolves around delivering convenient, environmentally friendly, cost effective filtered office water systems and water coolers to replace antiquated bottled water solutions. With our extensive range of freestanding water dispenser systems, benchtop water chillers, water filter systems and boiling water units, you can set and forget!


WaterFirst Range

Products and services Waterlogic provides include:

  • Freestanding or Benchtop Water Coolers
  • Under-sink Hot & Cold Water Chillers
  • Boiling Water Units

For a healthier, low maintenance, cost effective, environmentally friendly alternative to bottled water systems, choose Waterlogic!

Free Watercooler Trial

For more information on our range of freestanding and bench top water coolers, filtered water coolers and under-sink water chillers, call 1300 88 14 14 or contact us online today.